Getting Comfortable With Your Sugar Daddy

By David Montrose

Aug 22, 2016

It’s finally happened. After exchanging texts and phone calls with an awesome POT you have set a date to meet in person. Your mind is probably racing at the possibilities. Will you have an immediate connection and begin the arrangement of your dreams? Or will you be wasting your time with a Salt Daddy disguised as a Sugar Daddy?

The first and second meeting are usually a solid indication if you two are compatible or not. While first-date nerves are to be expected, you’ll want to get as comfortable with each other as soon as possible, given the fact the time to seal the deal for an arrangement is often limited. I found the below tips to be quite useful when it comes to getting comfortable with your Sugar Daddy and the Sugar lifestyle.

Going Public

Pay attention body language. Are you relaxed during your time together? Your body language will let everyone around know that the two of your are on a date, If that idea makes you uncomfortable he may not be the Sugar Daddy for you.

When I was 25 I used to date 40-year-old women and sometimes the stares we received in bars and restaurants made me uncomfortable. If you find him physically unattractive then perhaps the arrangement is not to be had.

Speak Up

Remember, you are a Sugar Baby for a reason. You have made the decision to pursue this lifestyle because you need financial assistance. Are you comfortable enough to ask for these benefits? After all, that’s what you are there for.

Many people are just not comfortable asking for things. I once met a very nice lady who told me: ‘David, I just cannot ask anything of you, because it is not me. So you will need to be a bit creative and anticipate my needs,’ which of course I didn’t mind doing. But Sugar Babies usually would need to be a little more upfront.

Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

Not only he should be a good fit for you, but you should also be a good fit for him. Know your worth, but also be ready to accommodate his needs too. Remember that this should be mutually beneficial.

Be Careful

Protect your heart and self-esteem by not jumping into anything too quickly.  Take your time and look for the arrangement that will work best for you.