Getting Past Beginner’s Luck

By Ashleigh

Oct 22, 2015

We know how it goes. You hear about this wonderful website to meet a charming Sugar Daddy. You sign up and claim you’re “just checking it out” or “a friend made me join”.  Then a message comes in from a POT.  The two of you hit if off immediately, and before you know it have the Sugar Daddy of your dreams.  You’ve been blessed with beginner’s luck, a happy girl and a happier bank account. But what do you do after the beginner’s luck fades away? Let’s talk getting past beginner’s luck.

You’ve found your way to Let’s Talk Sugar, so you’re already on the right track to getting over the lull left after the beginner’s luck wears away. Reading up on all things Sugar related can help you learn from others mistakes and use their insight to your advantage.

Polish Your Persona

The next step is polish your SeekingArrangement profile until it shines.  Weed out the newbie sayings, anything remotely cliche and above all double check all your grammar before updating. There’s no quicker way to turn off a Sugar Daddy then by stating that you’re a goal oriented, educated woman, accompanied by a slew of typos.

Also, make sure you have photos that represent the best versions of you. You can check out some additional helpful profile tips here. Another helpful hint, never use group shots.  No one wants to have to guess which one you are, or worse, have a POT ask about your hot friend.

Level Up

Once your profile is in tip top shape, work on upping your messaging game. Don’t be too shy to reach out to Daddies who seem to have everything you need. In fact, he may be impressed by your bold, go-getter attitude.

When the messages do start flooding into your revamped profile, do keep in mind that the grammar rule is still in effect, take the time to get to genuinely know him and learn if you are both fit for each other. No one found their perfect Sugar Daddy in four quick message exchanges. Do the work and be prepared to reap the benefits.

Evaluate Your Needs

Speaking of everything you need, take this time during your upgrade to really evaluate what you’re looking to get out of your arrangements, or more specifically what kind of Sugar Daddy you’re looking for.  Do you have your heart set on an allowance, or would a rewarding mentorship be more beneficial?

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Grab a Sugar Sister and explore your options together, a great way to bounce off ideas and get to the bottom of your needs from the Sugar Bowl.

If all else fails, upgrade your look to be the best possible version of you! Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a good excuse for a makeover?


What are your tried and true ways of getting over a Sugar slump?