Getting to Daddy’s Heart Through His Stomach

By Julia Jones

May 30, 2019

Cooking is a skill that everyone should have, but the truth is it isn’t about creating an amazing meal that takes hours to prep, many dishes and lots of food waste for Daddy to love. A good meal is one that is simple, easy, and fast. So, here are a few quick recipes that shouldn’t take you too long and are easy to ensure you are getting to Daddy’s heart through his stomach.

Chicken pie

Chicken pie is an easy, hearty, filling meal that doesn’t cost much to make and will last you both a while. It’s fast and simple.

Crust: You will be making the bread-like crust by mixing 1 tsp yeast with ½ cup warm water, 2 cups flour, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, and ½ cup of butter. You may need to a little extra water or flour to get the mixture right. Allow your crust to rise for at least an hour.

Meat: Two large chicken breasts should easily fill your chicken pie. I like to have the chicken soak in gravy with a few extra ingredients.

Veggies: Corn or peas. Remember you can add mashed potatoes, they are a great addition as a bottom layer and they are an awesome way to use up some leftovers!

Extras: As mentioned, I like to use gravy in my chicken pies along with some salt, pepper, garlic, and depending on what I have in the house I will also add a small amount of cheese as well!

Once everything is combined, cook it at 350F until everything is cooked well and then allow to cool before serving!

Sausage and cabbage

Sausage and cabbage are a simple, cheap, and fast dinner and the best part about it is that there is no set recipe for. You cook up your sausage and remove it from the pan. In the same pan add sliced cabbage along with minced garlic, salt, and pepper to taste. Allow the cabbage to cook down until you are happy with it and once you are done, plate with the cabbage on the bottom and the sausage on top. Include a small dinner roll on the side.

You could also add onions, apples, corn, fresh herbs, or even a vinaigrette!


Mac’n’cheese is a classic and a family staple, after all, who doesn’t love something drenched in cheese, right? There is, of course, the simple way of making it- Boil pasta, add cheese powder, and then you’re good you can call it a day- but let’s talk about more than that, okay?

Basics: Add some garlic or some spices for a really quick and really easy way to make your mac’n’cheese a little different.

Meat: Meat is an awesome way to make the dinner stand out and make it special and unique. Shrimp, bacon (bacon bits for a cheaper option), pulled pork, chicken, hamburger, or even steak are all really awesome ways to class up your mac’n’cheese.

Veggies: Onions, peas, fresh peppers, chopped tomatoes, or broccoli are all common choices for good reason!

Cheese: Make sure you add lots of cheese to your mac’n’cheese! If you’re starting off with a basic boxed option, use the powder but also make sure to add a little bit extra to it. From cream cheese to mozzarella, parm, cheddar, or a whole combination of them all!

Topping: Top your mac’n’cheese with something crunchy! Bread crumbs, crackers, or even some nuts will add a whole different level to your meal!

Once you have decided what to add to your base, combine everything and add your topping, cook at 350F for roughly 30 minutes!


Share your favorite recipe down below!