Setting Goals for You and Your Partner in the New Year

By Julia Jones

Jan 13, 2019

What a lot of people don’t realize is that sugaring can be hard work. Some girls managed to do it while still working or while in school—other girls whose to see sugaring as a career.

No matter what choice you make when it comes to sugaring, when you are involved with a sugar daddy; you’re with someone who is successful and works hard for his money—and chances are, a man like that will be more attracted to a woman who has goals and setting goals together gives you two something to work towards together, and it will give you a great and fun way for your daddy to spoil you. But what kind of goals should you two set together? Well, let’s talk about that, here are a few suggestions.


Who doesn’t want to travel the world? A trip is a perfect goal to set with daddy. It’s simple and it’s a great way to get to know your POT better while still getting a little spoiled or at least planning to. You and daddy can have fun planning the trip, taking the trip; and you can grow together- and create a memory.


A couple that has a common hobby stays together longer- right? At least that’s what we always hear. You two can check out new places, try new recipes, and of course help each other with some cardio. Hint, hint.


Let’s be honest here, learning new life skills is awesome and a lot of the time it can be expensive. But daddy can be a great way to help you grow and it’s something that you two can do together. From cooking classes (that he can always benefit from) to dance classes; not only is it fun to try something new together no matter how much you might suck at it but you and your POT might find something that you both love to do together; and when you two have hobbies (and goals) together it gives you a chance to connect more.

Improve your mental health and attitude together

When it comes down to it, improving your mental health will allow you to grow. A more positive attitude is never a bad thing, and it’s going to be something that not only benefits your daddy but benefits you as well and that is what setting goals together is all about. It’s about growing together, encouraging each other, and helping to push each other. There are a lot of great books you can read together, a lot of great exercises you two can do together, or you two can even look into going to see speakers together

Start a business together

Are you and daddy close enough that you two could actually consider working together? Creating or building a business or even having daddy invest in your already blooming business (or on the other hand, you helping daddy with his) is a great way to not only spend more time together but also get to know each other on a deeper level.