Having a Career While Sugaring

By Jasmin

Oct 18, 2017

Prior to mixing in the sugar bowl, I always questioned how ladies with a professional career were able to have a sugar daddy at the same time. I always thought ‘what more do you need’ or ‘how do you find the time to meet with him when your life is time restricted’. It was only until I ventured into the professional world myself that I realized it’s not at all hard. Here are some points to keep in mind when having a career while sugaring.

The Physical and the Emotional

It didn’t really become a financial assistance thing, but more of a physical and emotional thing. It was nice to have someone as a single woman who can listen to you vent about your day, or give you great, steamy nights of passion when you had really hard days at work. It was the attention. Both physically and mentally and it’s the most amazing feeling. Of course it’s great when the occasional gifts are added into the equation as well, but all in all, it’s one of the best positions you can put yourself in, especially when you know you don’t want to go down the traditional dating route with an ordinary guy. What use is that, unless you’re all the way committed?

Daddies Love Independence

Now over time, I’ve realised that sugar daddies love it when a woman has something she can call her own. It’s more exciting for them and shows that she’s not all the way depending on him, which keeps him on his toes to make sure he doesn’t mess up. In his head, he knows you don’t absolutely need his money, you have all the confidence in the world and you damn sure know how to hold yourself as a professional woman – this is an absolute turn on to men in general because they know you don’t need them.

You may get the odd guy who wants to be the sole provider in your life and thrives off of you asking him for things, but I’ve realised these are men who need constant validation in their life. They need a woman who depends on them to show that their manhood is still intact. To show that they’re ‘man enough’ to look after you with no help. In some cases, this could be an insecure man.

Don’t be afraid to explore your options when it comes to having a sugar arrangement whilst juggling a professional career. Eventually, you’ll find that you actually enjoy it because you’re able to relate to him in more ways than one. Being the money magnet that he is, he must have some sort of intellectual capacity to get to the place he’s in now and you must have some sort of intellectual capacity to get you to where YOU are now…and still going.

The Power can be Intimidating

Sometimes however, these men may eventually feel emasculated by your being. By what you exude. I’ve found that most career-driven women tend to intimidate men and give off the idea that you’re competing with them in terms of power and strength, which most of the time is incorrect. The ways that I’ve learned to deal with this is to listen and smile. Let’s face it, men love femininity, so by you just being there listening to his wisdom with your pretty smile is enough to make him feel like the macho man.

I’m not saying that you should completely block out your character, but in order for any kind of relationship to work, we need to understand the biological differences between a man and a woman. Our internal DNA is different, the way we think is different…we are different, so sometimes we have to operate a bit differently.

Never put your dreams, your character or your stance in life on standby to accommodate someone else’s’, especially not a sugar daddy. If he’s not man enough to understand that your career is just as important and is intimidated by it, then he is definitely not the man for you. Move on, it’ll only get difficult with time.