Help! I’m Living A Double Life!

By ErinIncognito

Mar 31, 2016

One morning, I was talking to my grandmother. We were discussing where I wanted to end up with my career. I went on about my dreams of a thriving photography business and the hard work it’s going to take.

“Well just get yourself a Sugar Daddy and you wouldn’t have to work so hard,” she said.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I tried so hard not to laugh. I knew she was kidding, but she has no idea that I have been in the Sugar Bowl for quite sometime. In fact, none of my friends know. I live in the south and am surrounded by celibate young adults who wouldn’t believe my double life if I told them. I don’t intend on letting them find out. I know I’m not the only one out there who is keeping their Sugar side a secret, so here are some tips if your inner monologue is shouting: Help! I’m living a double life!

  1. Have one friend that knows.

For me, this is a friend online that got me into Sugaring to begin with. Find someone who understand and gets it. Find a Sugar Sister to talk to about everything. As women, we tend to want to share fun moments or vent about frustrating ones. If we don’t do this, it’ll eat at it you and you’ll be at risk for sharing bits and pieces with the wrong person. You don’t want to have a reason for anyone asking questions. This also helps with safety. Having someone you can get a second opinion from when talking to a POT is always helpful. Not to mention you’ll have someone that knows where you are and what you’re up to.

  1. Have an explanation ready.

Someone may want you to spend time with them while you have plans with your Sugar Daddy. I have a friend that everyone knew about, but none of my friends talked to or knew how to get into contact with. She conveniently didn’t have Facebook either. I would tell my friends and family that I’m hanging out with her if someone wanted to hang out. Don’t be too vague about what you’re doing. Avoid saying, “I have plans,” and say “Sorry! I have plans with Stephanie,” or, “I’m going to watch a movie with a coworker.”

  1. Make it gradual.

Thankfully, I can think quickly on my feet. My sister noticed that I went from being broke to financially stable. She saw the new clothes in my closet and how I stopped checking my bank account every time she wanted to go eat with me. I had made the rookie mistake of celebrating my first allowance with a shopping trip. Make the change gradual.


When your allowance starts rolling in, don’t blow it on a new wardrobe full of name brands. Get one or two things. If anyone asks questions, simply tell them you got it on sale and couldn’t resist. Little by little, introduce your friends and family to the new you. If you’re using your allowance to get a better apartment or new furniture or car, be prepared to tell anyone asking that you got a raise or finally saved up enough.  

  1. Keep your phone and computer on lockdown.

Not so much that you’re suspicious. Don’t set it down at the dinner table with the face up. If you SD decides to text you for a meet, you don’t want a name popping up that your friends get suspicious of. When texting, make sure your phone isn’t positioned where wonder eyes can glance at it. We are all guilty of glancing down at someone else’s phone. Put a passcode on it and don’t tell anyone what the passcode it. You don’t want someone to snoop when you leave it in a room. It’s happened to me when I didn’t expect it.

  1. Be careful about pictures.

When your SD shows you somewhere new, it’s going to be so tempting to take pictures. Be careful about this. If taking pictures is a must, get to your computer, upload them, and hide them in a folder somewhere that isn’t easy to find, or a flash drive or something similar. What if you’re showing a friend pictures from your trip to the beach with your family and they notice that you went to NYC and they didn’t know about it? They are going to want to hear about your trip.
Happy secret Sugaring!