Holding a Conversation with Daddy

By Kaye

Mar 10, 2016

The thought of holding a conversation with a man/woman much older and wiser than you can be incredibly intimidating. A successful businessman is no doubt fluent in the language of stocks, politics, and social and economic issues. If you’re preparing for a date and worried that you won’t know how to talk to Daddy, below are a few tips to keep in mind.


Ask Questions

In any normal conversation setting, it’s important to ask questions. Be curious and insightful. If your SD is discussing something you don’t fully understand (he could be rambling on about his day and using unfamiliar lingo or talking about foreign policy), don’t be afraid to speak up and ask him to explain something further. Not only will this show that you’re truly listening, but it will also show that you’re eager to learn.


You probably weren’t expecting this, but it’s important to disagree. Having an opinion is crucial when it comes to holding a conversation. Daddy may be older and wiser, but you have life experiences, too, and can offer a fresh perspective on certain topics (i.e. religion, politics, values). I’m not saying to contradict or purposely start a fight, just make sure you aren’t censoring yourself and make sure he knows that you have a mind of your own – he’ll be intrigued!

Try to Draw Personal Connection

To stay actively engaged in a conversation, it’s always good to try and draw a personal connection. Say your SD is talking about an upcoming business trip to Miami, you could say something like: “I wish you had more of a chance to explore Miami when you’re there. I had a blast last time I went!” This also gives you a chance to take charge of the conversation.  

Choose a Topic

Take charge ladies! Before a meetup or date, search the daily headlines and pick a few topics to keep in your back pocket. You don’t have to know all the details of a story, just enough to get the conversation started when you meet Daddy. Chance are, he’ll probably be familiar with the story and can provide his personal opinion – thus, opening the door for you to ask questions, state your own views and then draw a personal connection. Some good go-to topics are: wine, restaurants, traveling, pets. You can find out more here.  

What NOT To Talk About

As a general rule of thumb, there are a few touchy subjects you should never bring up on a first date: family, money, politics and millennial jargon (my bff loves instagram blah, blah). Unless Daddy freely offers up this information, do not discuss any of the above as this will be a major turn off.


But, remember, if he wanted to talk business all day, he would be taking his colleagues out on a date instead of you.

Any other ideas for holding a conversation with Daddy?