Hosting a Sugar Daddy at Your Place

By Madison

Feb 20, 2017

You’ve been dating your Daddy for a while and now you’re ready for a “Netflix and Chill” type date. This is a great opportunity for you to impress him with your hospitality skills. I love hosting at my apartment because I find it easier for us to relax. Before he knocks at your door, make sure you follow these tips for hosting a Sugar Daddy at your place to make sure he’s comfortable.

Maid for Each Other

Clean your place thoroughly. This includes your bedroom because a couch date can easily turn into you getting it on in the bedroom. I also like to pay special attention to my bathroom. Scrub the toilet, organize your toiletries, and hide any embarrassing items that could be a turnoff for him (like yeast infection cream).  

Doggy Don’t

Put away annoying pets. My dog gets super excited when he is around new people so I put him in the backyard or in doggy daycare when I’m hosting Daddy. He’s is coming to spend time with you, not with Fido. You may also want to check ahead of time to see if he has any pet allergies.

It’s Lit

Burn a candle and soften the lighting to fill the air with a clean scent and mellow vibes. Linen and cotton scents work best because they aren’t too strong or distracting. I also like to dim the lights because I find it relaxing for both parties.

Happy Hour

Have his favorite drink available at his convenience. By now you should know what your SD likes to drink. My Daddy ordered vodka and soda on our first two dates and was impressed when I had one waiting for him when he came to my place. I got BIG brownie points for that! Hey loves it when I notice “the little things.”

Casual Chic

Dress cute and comfy – after all, you’re home! Yoga pants paired with a cami or short shorts with a fitted v-neck t-shirt are ideal. Just remember to not skip hair and make-up. If you usually wear your hair up when you are with Daddy, let it down. If he’s used to seeing you with your hair down, pull it up into a cute ponytail or top knot. You still want to look your best whenever you are in his presence, but don’t over do it if there’s no public pressure. He wants to see you natural, too.


Order or prepare food before he arrives. For these types of dates, I like to do finger foods like Chips and Guac or even Buffalo Wings. Keep dessert fun like popsicles, ice-cream, or chocolate covered strawberries. If he’s  a busy professional, it’s probably been awhile since he’s been able to veg out. Here’s a tip – try feeding Daddy and see how he responds.

Solo Seduction

Last but not least, make sure you two will be alone the entire evening. Nothing will ruin the mood quicker than your roommate walking in while your hosting Daddy. If you do have roommates, offer her a gift card for a local restaurant as a thank you – and something to do that night so you can have the place to yourself.
Hosting a Sugar Daddy at your place should be fun, easy, and a great addition to your out-on-the-town date nights. Just remember to relax and be yourself whenever you are in his company.