How Do I Avoid the Wrong Type of Arrangement?

By Rachel

Dec 11, 2015

When you are first starting out in the Sugar world, you tend to want to be a people pleaser, or shall we say, Sugar Daddy pleaser. After all, you want these men to like you enough to take you out, examine the chemistry and get some financial help in the process. More importantly, you want to keep meeting up and form a solid arrangement that is mutually beneficial. But how do I avoid the wrong type of arrangement? Here are some keywords to help you steer clear of what’s guaranteed to be a salty arrangement.

This may sound like a type of arrangement but in reality it just means cash for a sexual exchange. If a Sugar Daddy tries to make this type of arrangement with you don’t be fooled! Even if he is a younger or attractive Sugar Daddy, you don’t want to fall victim. Remember, never sleep with a POT on the first date. The phrase “test run” should also send up a red flag. You aren’t a second hand car that needs to be checked under the hood. You are a classy, sophisticated woman, looking for a successful man to add sweet benefits to your life, not to be mistaken for an escort. Another indicator he’s bad news may be his over eagerness. If after the first two messages he is asking if he can be your plans that night, he’s looking to pay for play.

“What’s Your Rate?”
If a man is asking you what you charge or how much a night with you is, he most likely is expecting a physical engagement. A gentleman would never approach a lady with that kind of terminology, even if he is looking for a short term arrangement. When getting to know each other prior to meeting, it’s important to approach it as you would dating anyone else you find attractive. Allowing a man to label you with a price is not an allowance. An allowance is an agreed upon amount not meant to label your worth.

There’s a practice in the corporate world, when companies are trying to make a deal or a sale they usually butter up their clients on a personal level–taking them on nice outings, dinners, making them feel like a big deal. The catch is whoever brings up business too soon usually loses. Arrangements are similar. If a Sugar Daddy is bringing up the topic of sex early, it’s most likely a sign that’s what he’s really after. And at that point he’s lost. We always say sex is something to aspire to, which if you are doing Sugar Dating right, should happen. However, intimacy should unfold organically, and be something both parties want to occur. If you’re looking for something purely platonic, make sure you are saying so in your profile so POTs with similar interests can reach out to you.