How Feminists can capitalize in an Arrangement

By RowanAsh

Feb 08, 2019

Feminism may not be the initial term that comes to mind when you think of sugar dating. There are after all the ones who enter the sugar bowl for a life of luxury and travel, and that’s great for them. But let’s not forget about the strong, educated, ambitious women that see the potential of an arrangement with a successful man. The bowl is full of men that offer more than gifts and support. These men pride themselves on their successes and generously offer mentorship to those seeking to pursue something more than sugar. An arrangement has the potential to offer support and guidance, think of Seeking Arrangement as a network of the most influential partners that can help you to excel.

Being a Sugar Baby doesn’t make you less of a feminist

Feminism as a movement has come and gone in waves. Everyone should be aware from history class that the first wave was the suffrage movement that focused on women’s right to vote. The second wave was associated with the ideas of the women’s liberation movement. The third wave was a reaction to the perceived failures of achieving social equality in the second wave. That brings us to the fourth wave that focuses on violence against women. There are more branches to this tree and I really could go on but it isn’t necessary.

Depending on your views on what feminism is, really dictates how you perceive sugar relationships. Some see one as being a contradiction to the other. I myself don’t. I am a feminist, I am a Sugar Baby, I am a woman. It is my choice to independently seek arrangements. The terms on which I enter an arrangement are very much to my benefit without neglecting the expectations of my sponsor. And the daddies I seek are men that I would pursue in a conventional relationship, only with Seeking Arrangement the ground has been covered to identify all the benefits of aligning with that chosen partner.

Being equal to a man doesn’t mean being less feminine

There are some personality traits that feminists are accused of that won’t be of benefit to a woman in any type of relationship, not just in sugar dating. For example, being equal to a man doesn’t mean forgetting you are a woman. By nature, we are softer, more attentive, and have a maternal instinct to care for others. These are our STRENGTHS as women. You would be surprised at how responsive a man will be to a woman showing these qualities. You will bring out the instinctive qualities of your sponsor to provide for you.

Being independent is a great quality for a woman. But, you can come across as hostile if you feel the need to aggressively state it. Be independent in your actions and attitudes, not in your declarations. A feminist by nature is independent. Being smart about who you spend time with isn’t a submission of independence or weakness in asking for help. Open yourself to the learnings of a man with more experience than yourself. A smart mind is an open mind after all.

Creating the arrangement that benefits you

As I have said, being a feminist doesn’t mean losing your femininity. You are also a woman and there is no shame in the desire for pleasure. So why not combine all that you are looking for when entering an arrangement?

I’m a firm believer of being in a strong position before you enter an arrangement. By this I mean you are already able to support yourself and won’t be relying on the financial benefit an arrangement can offer. If you NEED the money in an arrangement, you are already in a vulnerable position. Remember, feminists are independent by nature.

Determine your long term goals before considering a potential sponsor. If you are seeking mentorship for career progression, or investment for a start-up business, for example, be open, honest, and selective in the arrangements you pursue.

When you seek an arrangement you are placing a value on what the man has to offer you. Don’t forget that it is expected that you are offering something of worth yourself. Don’t be selfish. This dynamic might be labeled an arrangement but really it is a relationship with predefined terms.

If you are a feminist sugar baby, perhaps a long-term arrangement is more suited to your values. This way you can develop a supportive, respectful, and goal orientated arrangement. You will most likely find that your daddy becomes a life long mentor past the possible ending of the arrangement, and you may remain his confidant. My opinion, being a feminist can truly add value to an arrangement.