How to Blog About Sugaring and Stay Safe

By Julia Jones

Mar 20, 2019

If you want to blog about sugaring, you should! It’s a great way to be able to keep a record of everything that is happening as well, but blogging offers more than that.

  • Blogging is a chance to talk about your struggles
  • Blogging is a great way to work through your struggles
  • Blogging is a great way to share what you know about sugaring
  • Blogging is a great way to help potential sugar babies learn more
  • Blogging is a great way to give a real look into the life of sugaring
  • Blogging is a chance to realize that people do care about what you say
  • Blogging is a chance to meet new POTs
  • Blogging is a chance for personal growth

Of course, that last one is the most important, but the truth is blogging has so many benefits to blogging, however, you still want to be safe if you’re going to blog, which is what we’re going to cover here.

Never use your real name or the names of your POTS

This should go without saying but I’m going to cover it right off the bat anyways, just to be safe. Never, ever, use your full name(or your last name) and consider not even using your real first name depending on where you live. If you live in a small town and are sure that you don’t want people to know you’re sugaring, avoid using your real name.

A fake name can be a lot of fun! Or even a nickname, and then you can feel free to talk about any issues you may be facing without fear of people close to you or the issue finding out about it.

The same goes for any POT that you may want to talk about. They have a right to their privacy and you should respect that. Never use their full names and consider not even using their first name. A lot of people use the first letter, change the name totally, or just go with a nickname- these are all great options for anyone you’re going to blog about

And your location…

Careful with the location information you give out, after all, you don’t want some random people to be able to come to find you- right?

Be safe with your financial information as well & keep other people in mind

This one should go without saying but be safe with your credit card and financial information as well other people’s information like where a friend lives, works, or studies.

About photos

We all know the facts. Once a photo is on the internet, it’s there to stay. And we all know it’s easy to take a screenshot. After all, I just did it this afternoon to someone who was lying to me. Sometimes we don’t think about it before posting our pictures. Remember that sugaring might be something that you want to put in your past eventually. Make that easy if the day ever comes and make sure you don’t have any photos that you would want to be removed if you decide to give up sugaring.

Decide how public your blog is going to be

You can limit who can and can’t view your blog, you can make it something that only you can see or you can have your blog 100% public to anyone who might be interested in it. Whatever you decide to do, it’s up to you.

You can also decide if you’re going to let people comment or if you’re going to disable comments. When it comes down to it, it’s up to you how many people you let in or if you decide not to let anyone in at all and keep the blog just for you- there are no wrong options.