How To Break It Off With Daddy

By Annalise

Mar 10, 2016

Relationships are described as a bond between two individuals that provides love and compassion a person needs for their emotional and physical wellbeing. However, often in life we find that relationships suddenly turn toxic. Instead of providing us with warmth, it feeds us negativity and disrupts our lives. If you cannot figure out where you stand with someone, it might be time to start walking. If your relationship is making you feel lost and alone, then breaking it off is the ideal solution. If it is time for him to go, here is how you break it off with your Sugar Daddy.

Be Sure This Is What You Want

Is he not the man you first met? Has his financial position changed? Is he not paying for things anymore?Are your calls/messages being ignored? When you enter into the world of Sugar Dating, “breaking it off” doesn’t mean just breaking it off with a person, it means giving up an entire lifestyle that includes limitless credit, lavish parties and expensive clothes. It is a step back into reality.  So, carefully consider your reasons for breakings things off.

Focus On The Present and Future

Being with someone means sharing good memories and happy times. Remind yourself that those times existed, but are in the past. Remind yourself in the present. If he cannot be the Sugar Daddy he once was, it is time for him to go.

Have A Real Conversation

In a setup such as yours, mutual respect comes with the mutual benefits. When breaking it off, do it respectfully with an in-person conversation. Speak to each other like adults and express your feelings politely. State where you think he went wrong and why is it affecting you. Remind him why this arrangement started and why it worked for you, then discuss why it cannot continue anymore. He has the right to know where things fell apart.

Back It Up With Facts

Instead of whining about how it all changed, provide him with evidence. Recall occasions when he was not committed the way he should have been. Explain yourself so that when you leave, he ponders over the facts and realizes that he did mess up. For more advice on how to break it off with Daddy, check out this blog

Don’t Be Seduced By Sweet Talk

Did he overwhelm you by sending those beautiful red flowers with an ‘I’m Sorry’ card? Do NOT fall for it. Save yourself the time and effort and move on. The pleas and flattery will lead you down the road of misery again. Do not pick up the calls or start responding to the sweet messages. Make it clear that the arrangement no longer exists and he should respect your wishes.  

Don’t Send Mixed Signals

If you are sending mixed signals, you’re asking for trouble. Mixed signals drive both men and women crazy! Stay firm on your decision and stay away. Always remember that powerful and controlling men do not take rejection easily. Do not meet him at his place, do not flirt back. You guys are over.

Start A New Hunt

Breaking up means freedom. Do not spend that freedom crying or pitying yourself. Take out those glittery heels, wear a nice dress and go out! Feel good about yourself again. You had the courage to walk away from someone who was not good for you. It is time you search for someone who can treat you well.

If a relationship is more about him and less about you, remember that you have the power to walk away. If your Sugar Daddy is the dominant type, do not let him control you. Break it off and move forward. Do not waste your time, youth and efforts on someone who doesn’t care. Collect your confidence, look amazing and head out, there are many more Sugar Daddies waiting to treat you the way you deserve to be treated!