How to Break the Sugar Boredom

By Zenya Rose

Jul 11, 2017

Everyone reaches a point when they just get underwhelmed with dating. Be it a dry spell or a phase, no one’s inbox is exploding every day of the week. Don’t let your Sugar experience dull to a simmer. These tips will help you break the Sugar boredom.


In January 2015 I took a break from social media. I deleted my Twitter, then my Instagram and finally my Tumblr. My Facebook was deleted occasionally but I always came back as it was my only connection to the virtual world. Sometimes I felt left out like when my friends would fill me in on the latest fight someone had within the comments section of a post. Sure I had some social media withdrawal symptoms. If I had a pretty meal sitting in front of me, I’d still take a picture of it out of habit, but I had nowhere to post it.

For the most part, it was very freeing. I felt like I was living off the grid. Not having any social media forces you to live a little bit more outgoing. For example, if you meet someone you like in class, you have to make it a point to talk to them there. Because you can’t just find them on Facebook later that night. If you really like someones’ outfit walk up to them and tell them! We go crazy when we get a certain number of likes on Instagram. We love to see triple digits, and then four! But when someone takes the time to walk up to you and compliment you, it is enough to keep us grinning all day!


Is your Summer body exactly where you want it to be? Maybe you’re already in relatively good shape but relatively bored with your current workout routine. Switch up your routine and try something new!

I used to subscribe to the idea that I was simply too busy to work out. And the same may to true for you. I was working 7am-2pm at a breakfast restaurant, 3pm-10pm at a swim boutique and was in class the two days off I had a week. Believe me, fitness was the least of my concerns. But now I realize just how simple it can be. If you have the time to be bored you have the time to work out. Most fitness classes are only an hour long, thats 4% of your day. Most people commit more time than that to television and social media.


When I first moved to a new town for school I was terrified about making new friends. After having grown up in a very small town I hadn’t had to branch out since elementary school. Everyone knew everyone and all of my friends were lifelong. After moving I did not have that luxury anymore. Once I got tired of sitting in my room I realized it was time to branch out.

Colleges have hundreds of clubs on campus if sororities aren’t your thing. Intramural sports also offer an opportunity to broaden your horizons. Most times you don’t have to be an established athlete, you just need an understanding of the game. If you are out of college, or on-campus life doesn’t appeal to you check out Meetup. They have both an app and a website that takes a list of your interests and then shows you clubs in your area that are dedicated to those exact things! It can be scary venturing out into unknown lands but it may be the best thing you ever do. Being busy in real life makes it easy to get your mind off things.


Do you work in a particularly stressful environment? Or perhaps you only work week days and get incredibly bored on the weekends. Try a hobby job! A hobby job is a job you work part time just for fun. The extra income doesn’t hurt either. I know people that have worked hobby jobs a couple hours a week. They work at places they often shop at and utilize the employee discounts.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a dog but you can’t have one at your apartment complex. Or perhaps you have baby fever and you’ve got no chance of having a baby anytime soon. has new jobs posted daily just for date night sitters and daily dog walkers.


Bring your fresh perspective back to SeekingArrangement. Now that you’ve been off the grid for a while does your profile still accurately reflect you? Now that you’ve been killing time at the gym do your photos still show off your best angle? Are all of your new hobbies listed on your profile as points of interest? Revamping your profile with your ever-changing habits may be just the boost you need to stand out to a POT.

Don’t feel down when you feel you’ve fallen into a dating slump. It happens to the best of us. You just can’t let it keep you down!