How to Gauge a Person on the First Date

By Bhumika Kateliya

Apr 21, 2019

Going on a date with someone new for the first time can be quite exciting with butterflies in the stomach. However, it can be a quite daunting experience too, because then there is a lot of uncertainty about the person you are going to meet and the way you will be received or perceived by the other person.

Even if you end up liking your date, you wouldn’t know how to act to seal the deal and score another date with the person. However, before we get to that stage, let’s see how we can gauge a person on the first date. Because, when you are dating you don’t have your own sweet time to judge and ascertain one’s personality before taking a decision.

Additionally, if the person was great and you couldn’t get it right, you will miss out on an opportunity to date a great guy and on the other hand if the person was not that great and you end up committing to another date with him, it is going to be that much harder to reject him after going on a few dates. Hence, it is very important for you to actually understand what you want and how to know if the person you are on the date with is worth a second date or not.

Let’s look at a few aspects mentioned below that you need to consider, to be able to gauge a person properly on your first date:

The background of a person can tell you a lot

One definite question that needs to be on your list on a first date is “Where did you grow up?” or “Tell me something about your family”. The family background a person comes from tells a lot about him. It will tell you if two come from the same value system or not. We don’t mean to say that if you are from the very distinct background you can’t be a match but, if you have similar upbringings and backgrounds it is easier to know a person. Observe him when he talks about his family, this will tell you if he has emotional baggage which comes from an unstable family and if you are willing to deal with that.

Know more about hobbies and interests

Similar to his background and family, his interests and hobbies tell a lot about his personality. Plus, it is also a great conversation starter to ask someone about their interests and more so if you both share the same interests.

Know about his world and political views

Before we go any further, a caution word: Don’t make the conversation very highly political and boring, not everyone might be in a mood for that kind of discussion. Instead, slip it into a conversation and know how he feels about a few issues which matter a lot to you. It has radically opposite thoughts, it might be a red flag.

More importantly than anything, be yourself on your first date and have a great time, more than this information, your instinct will tell you if he is worth a second date.