How to Get More Profile Views

By Brook

Jan 05, 2016

Having a successful profile on SeekingArrangement is a waiting game, but you can cut that time down by driving your numbers up. This is just like website traffic and SEO: you want to attract the most clicks as possible.

When you’re logged in, you can see who viewed your profile under the “Interests” tab. Follow these tricks and watch your numbers rise. Increasing views translates to more messages, meaning more money, less problems.

Headlines, Honey

You might not think much of your tagline, since it’s not super noticeable on your profile. But don’t forget, this is one of the only pieces of information he sees about you when searching. You’re going to appear next to a bunch of other women, and the headline is the first thing he’ll see. Avoid cliches like “Girls just wanna have funds” for this section. Try to choose something unique, but specific. Like “Girl Next Door Meets Avid Gamer” if you like video games.

Pix Mix

This one I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again! Every couple weeks or so, you need to be switching up your pictures. Having different display pics can attract new and different Sugar Daddies. Try a variety of different types: vacation pics, bikini photos, selfies, and club pictures. Make sure you’re the only one in the picture, you don’t want to confuse him. Also, you always want to have private photos so he can start the conversation low key by asking to see them.

Lucrative Locations

One of the easiest ways to get profile traction is changing your location. If you’re from Philadelphia, change your location to New York and watch the messages roll in. While he might be looking for a local Sugar Baby, that opinion can quickly change for the right girl. Let him know you’re planning to visit, or can make a trip out to meet. This is also a great way to get a mini vacation if he’s willing to fly you out for a first meet.

Concise Keywords

Did you know that SeekingArrangement allows you to filter your search results by keyword? That means he can type in a word, and if it appears anywhere on your profile you’ll be the first to come up in search. This can work to your advantage. Listing specific things about you, like “student” or “hiking” can put you at the top of the search results. Be careful in the words you choose, and try to be somewhat generic while staying specific to catch the most Daddies.

Daily Drop In

Here’s another site hack to get you at the top of search. SeekingArrangement’s search automatically filters by “Most recently logged in.” It’s a feature that ensures the people who log in the most often (and therefore respond to messages) get the most traction. Log in every day for best results.

Happy Sugaring!