3 Tips to Grab Attention with Your Profile

By Emily A.

Jan 19, 2019

Today’s dating arena is actively transitioning to online platforms. Online dating has become a more widely accepted way to meet people in the hopes of creating a romantic relationship. In fact, according to Psychology Today, it is estimated that by 2040, 70% of us will have met our significant other online. Pretty crazy to think about.

That being said, your online persona is taking the place of your beginning “pick up line” at a bar. You need to make a great first impression through a simple glance at your profile!

You may believe you have your Seeking profile set up in the best possible way. However, you might be missing the one thing that will give you the response you’re looking for. Here are a few pointers you may want to keep in mind if you’re looking to garner more attention for yourself.

Wear something sexy and confident in your profile picture

Here it is – probably the most important aspect to your profile! The click-bait that opens the door to the rest of what you have to offer as a partner. You have to put your best foot forward (or face!). The pictures you choose to show off should be a mixture of selfies and full body pictures. It is also very important to keep it natural. Adding too much makeup, jewelry, or edits to your pictures may convey the wrong message.

A perfect way to go about a profile picture is to highlight your best features. You want to look sexy and confident enough for someone to click on your page. For example, basing your outfit around a bra that accentuates your best curves paired with your natural, glowing smile will give the potential SD a glimpse into your persona, and he will want to click through the rest of your profile!

Be proud and express your accomplishments

Most Sugar Daddies don’t want a woman who is completely dependent on them. It’s a turn on when a woman is accomplished in life. Highlight your proudest moments. Whether it was a recent hike you conquered or a big promotion at your job, do not be afraid to show the world your successes in life and that you are proud of them!

Similarly, SD’s are looking for women who are educated. Using improper grammar, or slang throughout your profile can and will defer them from reaching out to you to further explore an arrangement.

Be yourself

There is no need to be anyone else! Too many individuals in the online dating community avoid the truth in their profiles to make themselves seem “better” or “more interesting”. Staying true to who you are and what you want out of this relationship will only benefit both parties in the end. SD’s can pick up on when someone is trying to be someone they’re not. Forcing a different personality can come off as tacky and desperate. New Sugar Babies also tend to believe they need to act like they are spoiled to get spoiled. It actually happens to be the opposite! Sugar Daddies can be completely turned off when they are with someone who is immature, or even someone who acts rude and entitled towards a waiter or waitress for example.

If you’re worried about what to say in your bio, insert questions instead, to ease the awkwardness of using a cheesy pickup line. If you stay unique to yourself and avoid cliches such as “I’m easy going” or “I love long walks on the beach,” you will be hard to scroll past!

The most important thing to take away from this bit of advice is to be confident in your uniqueness. When an individual is confident, it naturally draws people in. There is no need to fake your true self – be confident and sexy!

Comment below the most unique thing about you!