What to do Before you Find a Sugar Daddy

By JadeSeashell

Dec 05, 2018

Looking for a Sugar daddy requires effort, time and even financial investment, i.e. joining an SD dating site, buying new outfits before going out, etc. Now I’d like to talk about how to spend less while looking for an SD so that you can invest your time and money wisely!

Become a seller on Fiverr

Fiverr.com is a popular freelance website where sellers sell their products or services for $5 or more. If you have no skill, you can still join Fiverr because you can sell video testimonials—you simply record a video of yourself talking about someone else’s service or product. All you need to do is to be pretty and speak English fluently, which shouldn’t be too hard for most Sugar Babies. Some sellers like that can easily make $1,000 per month on Fiverr just by looking attractive on camera. Many beautiful women waste their time on Instagram to impress people they don’t even like. Because you are a smart SB reading this article, you aren’t one of them. Therefore, you’d better use that time to record videos and sell them on Fiverr to lower your cost while looking for an SD. If your clothing budget is $1,000 per month, you can easily buy some good clothes so that when you go out with an SD for the first time, he will know you’re serious, and want to impress you.

Download Wish shopping app

Yes, you need to have some good clothes in order to get ready for the Sugar lifestyle. But it would be even better if you mix and match, e.g. you wear an Alannah Hill dress with a cheap scarf; you wear a cheap blouse while carrying a designer bag; you wear Jimmy Choo shoes and a pair of cheap jeans. In this way, your taste looks even better because your style is effortless. By the way, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean ugly. In fact, there are many cheap items that look fantastic. If you download the shopping app called Wish, you will find tons of gorgeous clothes and accessories that are cheap because they are made in China and can be shipped to you by sea (slow speed = lower price). Wish’s annual revenue is five to six billion dollars because it adds real value to many people’s lives. That means the success of Wish isn’t an accident.

Get a Free Trial Makeup Service at a Makeup Counter

If you are going to meet a very important wealthy man who is very likely to become your SD, then you may want to get your makeup professionally done before the important date. Sometimes, some makeup counters even offer free trial services, so you should be aware of those opportunities. At least you can try some free samples from makeup counters. For instance, if you visit a makeup counter and ask, “Can I try this nail polish tester?” I don’t think the sales assistant can say no.