How to Make the Ultimate Profile

By Helia Woods

Jun 08, 2016

Hey, loves! One of the hardest parts about entering the Sugar World is having to make an amazing profile that not only you’ll be happy with, but one that will attract the type of Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy you’re looking for. It can be pretty intimidating when trying to fill out a bio  – where do you start? Have no fear, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of creating the best possible Sugar Baby profile.

Let’s Get Started

The basics such as; height, body type, hair color, age, etc., are pretty straightforward and should be answered honestly. Now, when it comes to the “lifestyle” question, I always say the higher the better! I selected “substantial” even though I don’t expect most Sugar Daddies to comply (although, you never know!). Keep in mind, this particular lifestyle expectation might deter some SDs from contacting you, so putting ‘negotiable’ is also a great option. It means your flexible and willing to make something work if the connection is real.

Choose Images Wisely

The next thing, which is probably the most important, is selecting your photos. All profiles have public photos (which anyone can see) and private photos which users must request permission to view. For your public photos, I recommend a few headshots (nothing at the bar or holding booze, please). For your private photos, you can absolutely show more revealing photos, but keep it classy! Many POTs will ask for full body photos, so if you’re comfortable, that would be the time to send some hot bikini pics!.

The Dreaded ‘About Me’ Section

Now that the easy parts are done, let’s move on to the most difficult part—writing your bio and expectations. I recommend starting with a brief introduction about your hobbies, personality, life goals and interests. For example; “Originally from _____, I moved to ___ to study ___ at XX university. I’m love Yoga and running. I’m very active and always down for an adventure. I consider myself an optimist  and always look at the glass half-full.” I think you get the idea!

Conquer The ‘What I’m Looking For’ Section

Now you must complete the “what I’m looking for” portion. In my opinion, this is the trickiest part if you’re new to the Sugar Bowl. It’s important not to come off needy or entitled when stating what you want in an arrangement – both are major turnoffs for Daddies.

Take it one step at a time. If you’re not willing to be intimate, indicate that you’re not interested in intimacy. If you are, go ahead and state that. You can say something along the lines of: “I’d like to know if we can bond on an intellectual level and enjoy spending time with each other before pursuing the arrangement.” If you’re interested in a serious/exclusive relationship, that’s definitely something you should include here. On the other hand, you can write that you want something simple and mention ‘NSA’ or even ‘online’ as that indicates you’re are open to an online arrangement.

You can mention allowance here too, many people say that they don’t want a monetary exchange because it feels too unnatural, so if that something you’re comfortable with, write it down! Being clear and upfront about your expectations and boundaries helps attract the exact Daddy you’re looking for. It’s also okay to admit that you’re completely unsure about your wants – being honest is the key to success.
You can always keep it simple at first and then elaborate later once you’ve become more familiar with the Sugar world. So on that note, good luck with your profiles!