How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Proud of You

By JadeSeashell

Apr 06, 2019

Every man has an ego, including rich men such as Sugar Daddies. Some Sugar Daddies don’t really want to hide their arrangements and would like to show off their Sugar Babies, especially millionaire men in France who are well-known for going out with their lovers in public. Therefore, it’s very important to make a Sugar Daddy proud of his Sugar Baby, and there are two ways for Sugar Babies to achieve this effect: external confidence and internal charm.

Buy Less (but Better) Clothes

Many women tend to buy a lot of cheap clothes. However, that approach doesn’t work very well, partly because cheap clothes can’t last for a long period of time (then you’ll have to spend more money to buy new clothes), and partly because throwing away cheap clothes creates more rubbish in this world which destroys the environment. More importantly, wearing cheap clothes don’t help you build the right image in the sugar bowl. Branding is a key concept when it comes to getting a Sugar Daddy who will spoil you in the right ways, and what you wear is paramount in terms of branding. As a result, you’d better save money and buy fewer clothes. For instance, perhaps you used to buy 5 dresses ($40 each) at H&M. Now you would be well-advised to buy 1 dress (approximately $200) at Ted Baker which will boost your external confidence instantly. By the way, your external confidence is more important than you think because psychologists claim that external factors can directly influence internal emotions.

Wear Classy Makeup and Accessories

Sugar Babies aren’t gold-diggers because gold-diggers want to get cash and leave quickly, whereas Sugar Babies and rich guys build meaningful relationships. In the mainstream culture, people oftentimes associate gold-diggers with heavy makeup which indicates lack of taste and elegance. Hence, in order to display the right brand, a high-quality Sugar Baby should wear classy makeup, i.e. perhaps having smoky eyes and bold red lips every single day isn’t the best idea. Thus, a switched-on Sugar Baby may try nude lip colors instead. Also, don’t forget that pearl necklaces and diamond earrings are elegant accessories that can enhance your brand as a high-quality Sugar Baby that makes Sugar Daddies feel proud of.

Work on Your Internal Charm

A high-value Sugar Baby knows the significance of her inner beauty, so in order to make your Sugar Daddy proud of you, you also need to keep working on your internal charm. Your good looks will attract rich men, and then let these wealthy men fall in love with your personality. In other words, your external beauty will attract a Sugar Daddy, but your internal charm will keep a Sugar Daddy. There are many ways to improve your internal charm. One of them is to become a more interesting person. In David Gillespie and Mark Warren’s book How to Be Interesting, they mentioned this great idea: Since an individual’s conversational skills are significant in social dynamics, learning a new word every day can directly improve communication skills. Next time when you talk to a potential Sugar Daddy, try to use some new words that you’ve learned. In this way, he will certainly be impressed – and this is so easy to do!

Your Brand must have Substance

Yes, the way you look and the way you communicate are of vital importance in human dynamics because these factors build a positive brand for you. Although your most valuable asset is your brand in the sugar bowl, it must have substance. So, when you get an allowance from your Sugar Daddy, you may consider investing in your own education such as getting an advanced degree at university.