How to Spot a Salt Daddy

By Malia

Sep 11, 2016

Anyone pretending to be a legitimate Sugar Daddy under false pretense to take advantage of a newbie is what I define as a Salt Daddy. Much like spam email or telemarketer calls, fake Sugar Daddies are harmless if recognized early on, so long as they don’t turn your sweet hopes into sour experiences. Here are some warning signs to beware of, and how to spot a Salt Daddy.

Sex Overload

He asks you to be open minded and share sexual likes and dislikes to determine compatibility. Messages revolve around fantasies, positions, what you have done, open to trying, sexting, etc. He may be too horny and masturbating as you exchange these thoughts. If you shift conversation to another topic he won’t respond. Delay sexual topics until a mutual beneficial arrangement has been established, you have your beneficial parts in hands and an intimate relationship is your desire.


Meetings are set up and canceled at the last minute. To ensure you are reserved and is just a matter of time until you meet in person, he offers to send an advance allowance. You disclose full name, bank account, address to mail check, etc but the allowance never comes through. Things can come up, but if he cancels at the last minute two or three times in a row, a meeting was never in the cards.

Money Back­

He wires money via Western Union or mail a check and asks for you to keep some and send some back to him or someone else. It bounces and you end up sending your money to him, plus pay bank administrative fees. Or, via Paypal, he selects ‘pay for goods or services’ to send you money. Paypal fees are deducted from the amount received and he reverses the transaction days later. Paypal then withdraws from your bank account like a money back guarantee for E-bay purchases. Ensure that any Paypal money is via ‘send money to friends or family’ as a gift. And, never agree to send any money back, as it is either scam or money laundry scheme.

Promises, Promises

It’s a dreamy arrangement that only exist with a generous top One Percent of Sugar Daddies. Right away he’ll offer high allowances, tuition fees, and luxury vacations. He says he’ll pay your rent, lease a car, or heck since it is pretend money, why not buy you a house and a car? He wants to take you to the Super Bowl, pay for plastic surgery, fly you in his private jet or yacht and go on unlimited shopping sprees. Chances are, he’s all talk. The intention is to make you fear losing a great opportunity that is an illusion, so you do anything to keep him happy. It’s a lot of talk and no goodies. Wait until a real SD provides and shows truthfulness in at least some of the perks promised. Dreamy SDs exist but they tend to be careful, and do not throw money randomly.

Come to Daddy

He claims to be too busy to come to you, and has zero time to plan for you so he insists you travel to him on your dime and reimburses upon arrival. You may have to fill your own tank of gas and drive out of the area or fly. Granted, there are situations where traveling for first meet are ok, but wait to establish some trust. Also, he should pay upfront for travel expenses, including your own hotel room and petty cash for incidentals such as airport transportation, food and drinks while in transit and babysitter if appropriate. More on traveling safely in this blog. Generally speaking, real SD meets you in your city first and make you feel comfortable.

Your Place, His Place or Hotel

There is a string attached to a place out of public eyes. He claims to be a public figure, perhaps a politician, renowned in the business community, sports or entertainment, or married and super careful. Even if that is true, there are ways to make public meetings feel private. Some Chinese restaurants have family room seats with a door or separation wall from main dining area while full restaurant staff is present. You may also dress conservative and act business appropriate to emulate a business situation or interview. Do not make yourself vulnerable to sexual assaults and guys looking for an alternative to prostitutes.

You Don’t Even Have to Leave Home­

He asks for risqué pictures or behavior live on Skype. Do not provide any visual you are uncomfortable seeing leaked on the web. Video conversations can be recorded and possibly even found later in amateur porn sites. A real SD will not want a bunch of images of you, he should want to meet you in person. Any man who asks for more than four pictures is a picture collector, and you should not give in to that behavior.

Shopping for a Deal­

At a certain point you realize that not every SD can afford the world, and you also can’t offer him 24/7 devotion. At some point you might encounter an oddball offering a couple hundred dollars or up to $1,000 allowance to see you two days on end. Or he tries to bargain your range and clearance levels of what you’re comfortable with. Have a straight conversation where you both add value to each other’s time and lives. This doesn’t mean being entitled. Realistically, ask for what you need and listen to what he can offer. Come up with an equitable time you spent together that may work if you need to supplement.

Every SB has wasted time reading messages or communicating with a fake SD at some point. Going through such salty interactions should not reflect on your profile or pictures posted on SA. These Salt Daddies are just playing the field without a mutual beneficial arrangement in mind. So do yourself a favor and ignore them. Block. Report if they can cause harm. Run away! Keep your sweetness for your future, real Sugar Daddy.