How to Start Losing Weight

By Ariyana

Aug 24, 2018

It’s no secret that we all thrive to look the best we can; that especially applies when you are actively playing the dating game. We tend to put our best photos from our best angles on our online dating profiles, and we want to look as good as our pictures when we actually show up for the first date. Modern science has come up with a lot of ways to make us look and feel better about ourselves, but dieting still seems to be everyone’s first go-to when it comes to improving one’s looks.

There are numerous diets and methods to lose weight and there are as many reasons as there are people out there to do it. Now I am not a fitness expert or a certified nutritionist but as an avid dieter, I have tried for years to find and implement an effective diet that will work for me and help me maintain a healthy weight.

Over the years of trial and error and trying countless of diets, I have been able to find the right diet, follow it for more than a few weeks and lose a considerable amount of weight. During this process, I have learned quite a few things. Here are some tips on how to start losing weight.

Lose weight for the right reasons

We are always coming up with reasons to lose weight. Maybe a wedding coming up, you’re working on that summer body, or maybe you want to show off to your extended family during your annual Thanksgiving dinner.

The truth is, the first and in my opinion, one of the most important factors when starting a diet is to find the right reason to lose weight. Short-term goals such as losing weight for an upcoming vacation could be part of any diet but if you have more than 5-10 pounds to lose, but you need concrete reasons for the long-term commitment that comes with having to lose a considerable amount of weight.  

In my experience, trying to improve your overall mental and physical health should be the most important factor in your decision to lose weight, and creating long-term goals if you need them.

Find the right diet

It seems like that as a society, we are obsessed with beauty and perfection more than ever. This has led to an overwhelming variety of diets that promise fast results, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to get skinny fast?

The diet market is oversaturated and it is up to you to do the research and find the perfect diet for your body type and physical condition.

Although fad diets are notorious for not having long-term success, you shouldn’t dismiss them right away. It’s true that a lot of them will do more harm than good for you and your body, but there are a few here and there that can help your long-term success.

You should also realize that a diet might work really well for a famous Instagrammer or your friend, but it wouldn’t necessarily show the same results for your body. For example, you might have heard multiple times how you need to maintain a low carb diet to lose weight more effectively, but one of my most favorite weight-loss YouTubers, High Carb Hannah, has lost around 80 pounds by following a high carb, low-fat diet.

Keto Diet

On the other end of the spectrum is the keto diet. Keto has gained popularity recently and is one of the most effective diets these days. Unlike the high carb diet, keto focuses on a no or low carb, high protein regimen. This diet helps your body go into a state of ketosis, and by restricting your carb intake, you will consume fewer calories during the day.

Intermittent Fasting

Another trendy weight-loss method and my personal favorite is intermittent fasting. There are different types of different fasting, but the most popular type is having 8-10 hour eating windows every day and fasting for the remaining hours of the day. You are allowed water, coffee, and tea during your fasting hours.

Intermittent fasting is an old practice that has been done for hundreds of years and in addition to helping with weight loss, it improves your overall health by giving your body time to recoup without continuously digesting food. Ben Azadi’s Instagram account is a good source if you would like to learn more about intermittent fasting.

It’s a Process

Dieting is hard and keeping it up every day is harder. You might get invited for drinks or dinner with friends over the weekend and consume more than you should. It’s easy to give in and ruin your diet once you’re done polishing off a plate of french fries, but it is important to remember that you can always stop and get back on track. Don’t let a bad day of eating throw you off. In my experience, it is better to stay away from cheat meals or cheat days altogether at the beginning of your weight loss journey.

Plateaus happen to everyone

I get it, it’s very disheartening to see the same number on the scale for a few days or even weeks. What’s worse is to see your weight go up even though you are sticking to your diet. If you’re dealing with a plateau, it would help to change up your diet or see if you’re unconsciously eating things you shouldn’t be. Not drinking enough water and consuming too much sugar can both hinder your ability to lose the weight.

Dieting isn’t enough

Sure, dieting is a good stepping stone, but exercise should be a part of any healthy weight loss journey. There are numerous types of available workouts, find one that you like and stick to it. It’ll increase your stamina and fasten the pace of your weight loss process. Start with taking daily steps and slowly increase the amount of your workout during the week. If you’re heavier, consult with your doctor to make sure your body is able to handle the type of exercise you’re choosing to participate in.

Accept and love your body

For me, weight loss is an act of self-love. For any weight loss journey to work, you need to accept and love your body the way it is and decide to implement positive changes to keep your morale high and motivations in the right place.

Remember, weight loss is a long and sometimes boring process. The best you can do is to keep your goal in mind and try to do your best day by day.