How Important is Sugar Baby Discretion?

By David Montrose

Jul 27, 2016

How important is Sugar Baby discretion? I would say, instinctively, quite important. Remember, in the case of SDs you are dealing with men who may be married with children, often with visible careers. So the stakes are high: if their extracurricular activities get discovered they stand to lose a lot. On the same hand, Sugar Babies stand to lose a great deal personally and professionally if judgmental peers are in the know about their lifestyle.

My feelings; a lady can disclose only what she feels is necessary to get the arrangement started and the gentleman needs to respect that. I think we can agree on some basic rules to preserve discretion.

Don’t Kiss And Tell

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here, but it is worth repeating. Don’t talk about your other dates (whether it’s with other SDs or boyfriends). For things to operate smoothly, being discreet is absolutely imperative. Let’s call this mutual discretion; you and your SD probably have multiple dates lined up, so no need to publicize your other liaisons.  

If you, the SB, set a good example by keeping your business private, most guys out there will follow your lead.

Don’t Host in Your Home

You can hold a date anytime, anywhere. But, your own place should be excluded.  Why? Because your place should be reserved for friends, family and serious dating relationships.  Think twice before bringing a NSA date back to your house. Once you do that, most aspects of your private life will be out in the open: pictures of your sisters, parents, pets, books you like to read, items in your medicine cabinet, etc. Too close for comfort, if you ask me.

Be Upfront

It’s perfectly acceptable to agree to use aliases until you feel comfortable enough with one another. I have found that this trick takes the edge off the situation and creates anticipation and intrigue. What’s her real name? I’m dying to know.

I leave you with a parting thought: How comfortable are you dating and even sleeping with someone, while at the same time not knowing their real first or last names?  Does it add allure and mystery to the situation, or are you concerned about your safety?

Let the answer to this question be your guide.

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