How to Increase Your Appeal as a Sugar Baby

By JadeSeashell

Apr 14, 2018

In order to keep a Sugar Daddy, a baby needs constant and non-stop improvement.  One of the most important areas that Sugar Babies should work on is to increase your appeal.  In this article, I’d like to talk about how to increase your appeal as a Sugar Baby’s.

Improve Your Body Language

Typical body language that can make you look more attractive includes angling your energy.  This is all about how you carry yourself.  As a matter of fact, scientific research shows that what you actually say only determines 30% of what the other person hears and feels. The majority  70% of the effect is achieved by your body language. That’s why we say “I like Sarah’s beautiful energy!”  We may not remember what Sarah says. What is important is we remember how Sarah made us feel!

End Dates When Chemistry is at its Peak

This is not about playing hard to get.  It’s about leaving the best impression on your Sugar Daddy.  At the initial stage of your arrangement, when you have him warmed up enough and longing for more it’s time to end the date.  Sugar Daddies are hunters by nature. They always chase Sugar Babies that they haven’t won yet. Next time when you are having fun with your Sugar Daddy, remember to end the date politely when the chemistry reaches its peak.  You can say this to him, “It has been such a fantastic night.  I really appreciate the time you’ve spent with me.  Tomorrow morning I have something important to do at work, so I have to go now.”  Not telling him exactly what you need to do tomorrow makes you look even more mysterious.  The formula of these words: positive comments + appreciation + a reason why you need to end the date = making him want you even more.

Think Loving Thoughts

Did you know that many successful Sugar Babies wear colored contact lenses?  Actually, colored contact lenses instantly enlarge your pupils.  It is well established that large pupils are more sensuous than small pupils. This is especially so for women.  But if you are not a fan of those, there is another very simple way to enlarge your pupils now . When you are talking to your Sugar Daddy, look at the sexiest features on his face and think loving thoughts in your mind.  Your pupils will slowly enlarge. He will see the love light up your eyes, and he will gaze into them.  Don’t look away when this happens. Just stare into each other’s eyes for a while . This will increase the attraction quickly.

Context is Key

You can do everything right but if you are doing it in the wrong place or context, probably it will still be very difficult to achieve the result you want.  Doing the right things in the right context can fast-track your success in any aspect of life. This includes dating a Sugar Daddy.  If you are a hot Sugar Baby you should go to elegant places because that’s the right environment which helps you increase your sex appeal.  If your Sugar Daddy visits your house make sure it looks classy. He will associate your beautiful home with your sexiness.  Lastly, drinking is the most socially acceptable way to quickly enhance your seductive activities as it allows both you and your Sugar Daddy to steady your nerves, lower your guards and forget your inhibitions. If you want to get to know your Sugar Daddy more intimately, drinking a little wine with him will certainly help.

With the help of these techniques, I’m sure you will not only get a Sugar Daddy but also keep him.