Invest in Yourself

By ShayRaii

Jul 04, 2018

From time to time, we all have unrealistic scenarios that we play out in our head. Talking to a guy from the site, meeting him on Friday, him handing over a couple of hundred for you to treat yourself and look nice for him. In an ideal world, this would be heaven to EVERY Sugar Baby I know.

Depending on what you agree, most daddies I have met prefer to have a few dates first. They want to get to know you. Then they will talk about an arrangement. I would give it a few dates before an allowance or gifts are mentioned.

Before any daddy gives up his hard earned cash on his baby he will have to be attracted to you in real life. Pictures, where you are dressed up, with hair, nails, and makeup did, are good for attracting men. How about when you meet…

This is why I like to call it investing in yourself.  Spend some time and money dolling yourself up. If you spend money on yourself, he will want to spend money on you. This doesn’t include buying designer clothes. I don’t think men have much of a preference on whether your blouse is from Versace or New Look.

Your personal appearance should be important to you. Sugar Daddies like women who will look good on their arm. They want a girl that looks good.

Unwanted Hairs and Grooming

Before dates, I like to make sure I have been fully waxed. This doesn’t insinuate anything. I just like to know if I will be getting into a hot tub at the end of a night I will be hairless. I prefer waxing than shaving as this lasts much longer and I hardly have to have another wax for up to three to four weeks at a time. It is PAINFUL. However, that is the price we pay to look and feel good.

Manicures and Pedicures

Get your nails done (this doesn’t have to be artificial). But look after your fingernails and toenails. Men notice nails. They may not comment or compliment them often. When you go to pick up your glass of champagne he will see your nails. Open toed shoes are GORGEOUS, but when your toes aren’t painted and filed nicely this could be a big put off.

Good and Bad Hair Days

Your hair doesn’t have to be pristine. Mine never is, but I have worked out a go-to hairstyle that looks okay for when I am having bad hair days or when my hair needs a wash. Half up and half down with two little plaits in the front has always worked for me. Back up hairstyles are good for last minute dates and meet with your boo. I have met men who have been discouraged by a girl not caring that her hair is still wet for a first date. Maybe too much gel in her hair, girls who have gone on dates but worn hats because of bad hair days. Avoid all this and find a few go-to hairstyles.

Experimenting with Makeup and New Looks

Make-up is always down to the individual. I wouldn’t ever give anyone advice to splurge on a load of makeup. But I have always found that if I spend money on quality products the finish was always the best. Get creative. Spend a few days experimenting and trying new products. I was told once by a Sugar Daddy  “It’s like dating multiple women. Always look different every time I see you”.

I was obviously taken aback by the comment. He explained that because I experiment with my hair and makeup. He liked that I made the effort. I enjoy watching makeup tutorials. I am not an artsy or creative person but I have learned a LOT by watching these. Men will argue that ‘all girls now look the same’. We know that we don’t but they just aren’t seeing the difference. This is why I like to experiment with looks.

Taking some time for yourself

Looking relaxed. Having a good skincare regime is the most important factor when looking good. If your skin is unhealthy your make up won’t sit right. Treat yourself to a girlie spa day. Get a massage. Get a facial. Invest in yourself. Not just for your outer appearance but also for you mentally. Take a break, relax, get some extra sleep in.  It makes all the difference.

Eat healthily. You don’t have to cut out carbs, chocolate or sweets. Just add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet with loads of water. I promise you, this will help with your skin.

When a daddy sees that a baby takes care of herself, it makes him want to take care of her even more.