Investing in Your Self-Appearance

By Harana

May 07, 2019

Whether you deposit your earnings in a bank or spend it right away on these goodies, it never hurts for a baby to invest in another most important thing: yourself. While there are a lot of articles about the clothes to buy and the makeup products to add to your kit, there seem to be not many dedicated to the treatments and services that enhance the natural things about you such as your nails, brows, lashes – basically these “crowning glories” that we often forget about.


I come from a conservative and average family. Living with five other people in the house, there often wasn’t enough money for me to buy more than what I needed. Even if my personal preferences leaned more on the pampered and glamorous lifestyle. Once you start earning your allowance, it becomes a little easier to spend a portion of the normal things a baby would expend in: clothes, accessories, makeup, and, for those studying babies like me, things for school. This article lists down some of the little things you can enhance about yourself that doesn’t cost too much and give you the appearance you desire for.


Set aside a time for that much-awaited haircut because once your wallet starts filling up, you’d have enough for the tresses you’ve dreamed of. Your hair is one of the first things a man notices about you, making it a good investment any time when you spend money on this natural beauty. You can curl your hair, spend in some extensions, dye it a different color, or get those highlights that you know would go so well with your eyes. The choice is yours to make.


They say a lady’s nails tell a lot about her. Whether the gel manicure on her nails come in the shade of vixen red or ballet pink, potential daddies can tell a lot about the work a baby does and the possible attitude they carry with them by looking at the intricacies and aesthetic of their nails. Investing in a gel manicure or pedicure go a long way as the nail color is a lot more durable and intact than the standard acrylic. Or maybe you would be more of the extensions kind of baby. Pay for a foot spa to scrub those callouses off. Anything that would have to do with improving the cut, shape, and color of your nails to make you more confident is a win.


For starters, I would recommend brow threading or waxing. A little bit of this something to clean up the areas around those pretty arches. Whether to go extra and invest in microblading or tattooing would solely be your choice. Once I started earning, I had enough spare money for a threading session once a month, which made my eyebrows look a whole lot better with and without the application of brow gels and pomade.


Don’t forget the importance of your skin. Your first line of defense against harsh sun rays or urban city air pollution. If you have been suffering from acne, discoloration, or any other skin problems, maybe now would be a good time to book an appointment with a dermatologist. Buying a whole plethora of skin care products is futile without the advice of an expert. Whether you invest in a refreshing 2-hour facial or in a set of skin care products that would last you a month, the results are sure to be reaped once your own effort (and, of course, a small amount from your wallet) is spent in these luxuries.


Should you choose to lift, tint, or curl these babies, these little details will be all the more helpful to your natural appearance. Lashes help define your eyes when you make them thicker, darker, and more luscious. Because of my double eyelid and naturally straight lashes, a lash perm is something that remains on my wish list. Read up on what you need to know before spending in these treatments then enjoys the benefits of your new, “natural” look.