Keeping the Sugar Sweet with Your Sugar Daddy

By Candy Stackz

Sep 17, 2018

Many times I encounter girls that always have a new sugar daddy. I wonder why the constant switch up so soon? There’s nothing wrong with switching up sugar daddies or even having multiple sugar daddies, but it is always important to keep good standing long-lasting relationships with sugar daddies because you may never know when you may need one in a time of need. Not only that but, it always good to have good relationships and encounters with people that invest and help you progress. When you find a good sugar daddy that is everything you expect and more you want to ensure you keep him close by, and happy, so you can continue being satisfied with an arrangement, and it comes naturally. No one likes a forced arrangement where you genuinely don’t enjoy the person, and it’s just about the money at the end.

The first step in keeping the sugar sweet with your sugar daddy is remembering that a successful relationship may take time. Good things come to those who wait, and if you are patient and willing to take the time to know your sugar daddy you can develop a stronger bond strengthening the relationship between you two, and resulting in rewarding results. Most girls think that their sugar daddy is supposed to buy them houses, cars, and jewels off rip, though it is possible once again it is essential for the sugar baby to show a mutual interest in her sugar daddy. The same effort he puts in, the sugar baby should put twice as much effort in. You would be amazed at how impressed some sugar daddies are when you remember little things like their kid’s ages, hometown, or even birthday. The road to what you want lies in getting to know who can provide you with what you want, and just a friendly reminder ladies this does take time. I can’t tell you how long gaining his trust will make, but that’s up to you to show him.

Next ladies, you want to hold the interest of your man. Looks are not everything, and will only get you so far. Being well versed and articulate is essential. A lot of sugar daddies are intelligent well to do men that enjoy the presence of a beautiful and talented woman. By being engaged in conversation about topics that are relevant in the news today, or topics that are of interest of him: it will ensure that he would always be willing to have a good conversation with you. By your sugar daddy looking forward to good discussions with you on getaways or dinner, dates ensures more visits and possibly more funds. However, please keep in mind that the exchange of conversation should be mutual. Do not talk his ear off. Listen accordingly and respond accordingly. Keep answers and comments short, concise, and to the point.

When dealing with an older man as a younger woman often you may run into your share of father figures. When I say, “father figures” this term is referring to the sugar daddies that like to give fatherly advice, want you to be obedient in their commands, and ultimately want you to listen to everything they say. This can sometimes be problematic especially in a sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship. If you are ever to run into this problem keep in mind that some advice and some orders should be taken with a grain of salt. Never let a man force you into doing something that you are not comfortable with. You have a choice, and you have a voice. With this being said it is important to realize that you can not change people. If a person has flaws, it is up to them to change their flaws, notably if it is affecting a relationship.

Establishing a long distance relationship with a sugar daddy can change you,  but allow it to change you for the best. Many sugar daddies are sagacious men that can help you increase your wealth and better your life. If a man is successful listen to is tips on etiquette business deals, shopping. Believe it, or not sugar daddies are full of helpful life hacks, and can even show you how to make your own money without them. I have had many sugar daddies teach me trades, crafts, and have also helped me start my own business, and even begin the process of writing my back. Instead of using your sugar daddy as an ATM, try using him as a resource to get your own goals put into play. Self-improvement and progression should be your ultimate goal in all areas of life: health, finance, and love.

This is so cliche, but communication is critical. Sugar babies, it is meaningful to keep in constant contact with your sugar daddy. You should not just be hitting him up anytime you need money, but checking on him, and seeing how he is doing is an excellent way to keep a good standing relationship with your sugar daddy. Also when in communication it is essential that you also open up to your sugar daddy about anything you may feel he can help you with. Whether it be a bill, a prayer, advice, support, or just an ear to listen to, tell your sugar daddy your wants. Needs, and desires. Sometimes you may never know what could come true for you.

My favorite piece of advice when it comes to keeping the sugar sweet is to live in the moment. Being with your sugar daddy can be fun. Dates, travel, field trips, and shopping sprees are all fun. Enjoy it while it lasts, and don’t worry about the future. If you and your sugar daddy have a good time with each other and enjoy each other’s company, he will make sure he keeps in touch with you, exclusively if it’s to have a good time. Always remember a sugar daddy can take you places you have never been before.

In most situations, sugar babies and sugar daddies have separate lives. Some sugar daddies are married, and some sugar babies have boyfriends. By honoring each other’s privacy and aiding in being each other’s support system you can maintain a support system, and a getaway when it comes to any trials and tribulations that may occur in the sugar baby or sugar daddies other life. By remembering that the both of you have a friendship first, an agreement second, and an understanding last you and your sugar daddy should be lifelong matches. Respecting each other and setting boundaries is the start of a great long-term arrangement.

Finally, there are so many wealthy men in the world. Do not be afraid to have a plan B. Just like some sugar babies come second to their sugar daddies. It is okay to put your sugar daddy second, or even have another one. If you can maintain, balance, and control two relationships and two men then go for it, but it may not be easy. Always be discrete and confidential. If a sugar daddy doesn’t work out, know that he can always be replaced. Another will soon follow.

The sugar dating world is sweet. Trust me. Just remember to act and conduct business accordingly. The rewards can be even sweeter.