LGBT in the Sugar Bowl

By Rachel

Dec 29, 2015

The Sugar Bowl is a lot like a bucket of Halloween candy. There are tons of sweet flavors to choose from, but some people have a preference and will always go after what they really want, like that delicious bag of Skittles. Afterall, there is nothing wrong with a rainbow, just ask our LGBT members who have gained success in the Sugar Bowl. No matter your sexual preference, there is someone for everyone on SeekingArrangement. You don’t have to be heterosexual to be a Sugar Baby or a wealthy benefactor. It’s important to understand that success is measured by the amount of work, research, and positivity one puts towards finding the right arrangement.

While there are plenty of Sugar Daddies that would still desire wining and dining you, your tastes are for a successful woman. The Sugar Mommy is discreet and at times intimidating. They are calculated and won’t waste time in anything that isn’t an investment. Women are not the same when it comes to men. While physical attraction is important, a Sugar Mommy will see beneath the pretty makeup and Instagram filters, so be genuine, be smart, and showcase an ambitious, positive attitude in your profile. Please note the cliche phrase, “Save the drama for your mamma,” does not apply to Sugar Mommas, so keep arrangements drama free!

Some Sugar Daddies choose the Sugar lifestyle over a traditional relationship because they are not openly gay. Likewise, some male Sugar Babies use arrangements for the same reason. It’s always important to communicate with honesty. All Sugar Babies should be honest and open when it comes to the subject of intimacy. For gay men, not all want to be intimate, but if you don’t match in the bedroom, it might not work out. For specific advice on dating a gay Sugar Daddy check out this blog.  

If you’re bisexual in the Sugar Bowl, it’s important to communicate what you are searching for. If you are open to both genders, be honest in your profile. Some Daddies may find this a turn on, but establish how much you want your bisexuality to be involved in your arrangement. If you are seeking a Sugar Daddy, make sure you are clear in your arrangement with him that you aren’t looking for whirlwind, lustful threesomes every Sunday just because you enjoy women too, or if that’s what you want be sure to make it known.

No doubt, being transgender is not the easiest road, and when it comes to dating, many question whether or not to disclose upfront or at the meeting. Are you wondering if you can be transgender and successful in the Sugar Bowl? Of course! Take a look at Nina. nina is a member and even braved sharing her story about being Trans and a Sugar Baby with Marie Claire. They understand the forwardness of how the site works. Many choose to become Sugar Babies to help with the financial costs associated with gender reassignment surgery. There will undoubtedly be people who do not understand, but rest assure there has been several successful members! SeekingArrangement is working on making the site more Trans friendly!

Are you LGBT? How have your Sugar experiences been?