Maintaining Long Distance Sugar Relationships

By Fallon

Dec 21, 2016

You receive the stunning flowers at work. There’s a shopping gift card waiting for you in the mail. Then, you receive the email with the subject line that reads: “I’ll be in town Monday and Tuesday– with the body saying “looking forward to seeing you at our special place.”The first two make your heart smile, and the third makes you reach for your calendar and check to see if you have any potential scheduling conflicts.

Congratulations on your long distance Sugar relationship–but don’t let the miles between you separate you. Maintaining long distance Sugar relationships can be the sweetest of arrangements, but in all fairness, can pose some logistical challenges.

The following ideas can help you a super sweet long distance Sugar relationship.

Establish Expectations Upfront

Your Sugar Daddy seems perfect, the arrangement is perfect, your chemistry is perfect…now if he weren’t so far away. One of the key points of maintaining a successful long distance Sugar relationship is to clearly establish the arrangement’s expectations of both of you.

How often will your Sugar Daddy visit you? Will you have to travel to visit him? How much notice will he give you, so that you can plan your life around his visits? How long will he be staying in town? Will he want you with him 24/7 while he is in town?  How often will he be in contact with you between visits? Are each of you exclusive to the other in this arrangement?

These are just a few of the very important issues to cover before committing to a long distance Sugar relationship. We are human and we can be our own worst enemy. When distance is a factor in any relationship, any unknowns can create a sense of havoc in even the best intended arrangements. When we’re unsure of a variable we need to have nailed down, our insecurities come out with a vengeance, and can potentially derail a great relationship.

You and your Sugar Daddy owe it to yourselves to address all details, no matter how small, before you both commit to a long distance Sugar relationship. Establishing expectations on just about everything can only be accomplished with that sometimes elusive element called “communication” which brings us to point number two.


It is vital that you and your Sugar Daddy are able to have honest, open, clear dialogue. As mentioned earlier, we’re only human, and most humans are not able to read another’s mind. Long distance Sugar relationships can be filled with some of the same experiences as traditional long distance relationships.

There can be loneliness felt by one–or both–of the partners; there can be insecurities about the stability of the relationship and there can be insecurities on the exclusivity of the relationship. These are just a few examples of things that can pop up. Although these issues may arise, communication can most often clarify and fix any situation. Maintaining consistent, open, honest communication is an essential part to maintaining a successful long distance Sugar relationship.

The Little Extras

Unlike a local Sugar relationship, a long distance Sugar relationship benefits even more from the give and take of those special little ‘extras’ we bestow on our partners.

This holds true for both the Sugar Daddy and his Baby. How wonderful and appreciated will your Sugar Daddy feel to receive a text / email or call, out of the blue stating that you’re thinking about him and hope his week is going well. If it’s situationally appropriate, you can even surprise him with something a bit more substantial than just a message – a small gift, for example.

On the flip side, your Sugar Baby will surely feel more relaxed and adored in your long distance Sugar relationship when she receives little gestures, letting her know she’s on your mind. Good examples of these gifts are mani/pedi gift card, a personal shopping appointment scheduled for her, an exotic flower arrangement sent to her–you get the idea.

The “little extras” don’t have to be extravagant, but really will go a long way to maintaining that special electric connection between you while the miles keep you apart.


Long distance Sugar relationships can be among the best arrangements in the Sugar Bowl and has it’s benefits. Maintaining a successful one will be a Sugar-snap if you incorporate the above points into your relationship.