Making “Petite” Your Strongest Asset

By Harana

May 17, 2018

Standing at five feet flat with no length to my physical appearance whatsoever, I often experienced insecurity and self-confidence issues because I always saw myself as a smaller, childish-looking version of other girls. Once my friends started hitting puberty, I saw just how much there was of a difference to our physical appearance. It seemed like I was in an eternal abyss with these baby arms and legs, from the outside looking in at all these classmates who had clothes fitting them better and boys noticing them more.

Everyone Has Their Flaws

The first thing aspiring sugar babies will see when considering the idea of sugaring is all these curvy, voluptuous women. While it is never anyone’s pick the body type and amount of curves they get. It tends to discourage those who don’t fit that specific physical image that they cannot be sugar babies. But, that’s the thing about the market. As unattractive as you might think you are, you are always somebody’s type.

Be it your personality, smile, or amount of experience. The ‘daddy market’ will always have enough decent daddies to make sure you catch the eye of one or more potentials with the first thing they see – your physical appearance.

Big or small, tall or short, every woman is as beautiful as the radiant spirit and soul she has inside. But, if you’re like little ol’ me, fret not. Here is a short list of how your petite body type is your strongest asset in reigning in those dates.

The Perfect Size for Smaller Daddies

The media nowadays has made it appear that men will always have to be taller than women. While Daddy may be rich and successful, his height might still be a critical blow to his confidence and self-esteem. Everyone gets a little conscious, maybe even frustrated, of their physical appearance. It might make him more uncomfortable if the baby he dated was at level height. Imagine the awkwardness once she wore heels and towered a full head over him. Yikes. With a shorter height, petite women usually do not need to worry about that kind of problem. So, time to strut those three-inch stilettos!

Smaller Clothes for Smaller Prices

True to their “likes to spoil” profile description, some Daddies love giving sweet, thoughtful gifts. It is always heartwarming when they do. It can be a new perfume, that new matte lip cream you were raving on about, or a sundress he spotted the other day that he knew would look perfect on you. Yup, get ready to receive the dresses, lovely tops, skirts, and heels from him. While the price of clothes would not significantly compete with anything else he spends on you (like the fancy dinners), it is still an advantage that smaller sized clothing would require fewer garments and have cheaper prices. A convenience not just for Daddy, but for anyone else who would buy your clothes (ahem, you). We go starry-eyed just thinking about that much-needed shopping spree.


It’s no secret that women with smaller body sizes are easier to lift and carry around – just the perfect something Daddy had in mind to spice up your relationship. Some babies would even be more attracted to the large body size difference, the mere feeling of being smaller and delicate turning them on. Likewise, with the men (or women) who prefer and better appreciate a physically smaller baby in terms of non-intimate and intimate relationships. So, disregard that whole ‘Must be this tall to ride’ rule because it doesn’t exist in the sugar world!