Navigating the Online Sugar Community

By Elle

Aug 15, 2016

Like most everyone, Sugar Babies couldn’t survive without the internet. It’s where we write profiles, edit pics, and communicate with POTs—the vast majority of Sugaring is done online. The Internet is also a great place to network with other SBs. As an active member of the online Sugar community (I run a Sugar blog on Tumblr), I rely heavily on the advice, camaraderie, and support of other SBs—and some SDs, too!

Of course, every online community has its quirks, and the Sugar World is no exception—it’s probably one of the most unique groups out there! Here are a few tips for anyone who’s new to the navigating the online Sugar community.


The online Sugar world is a place where babies and daddies can come together to share stories, tips, and support. However, considering the unique nature of Sugaring, this can attract some strange people to the forums. This means that there are tons of fakes out there. This can be really upsetting for newcomers to the Bowl. Many blogs on sites such as Tumblr feature SBs with Prada bags, $20k allowances, and trips to Ibiza. But more often than not, these blogs and profiles are fake! Many of the pictures are stolen from other sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

This can be very disheartening for newcomers, especially for those that are struggling just to secure a $2k per month allowance. That’s why I always take care to show the real side of Sugaring—the everyday, not-so-glamorous realities of this life. Because so many babies-to-be rely on the Internet for information, so it’s important to give them an accurate impression.

Similarly, any online babies should also keep an eye out for fake daddies. Though I know a several girls who met their daddies online, it’s not particularly common—so if anyone contacts you looking for an arrangement, make sure to verify him carefully!


Anytime you’re online, you should always be careful about giving away private information. This is especially true of the Sugar World. Many SBs use fake names and information in their online accounts. This is wise if you have a career that could be threatened if your profile was discovered. Of course, you should never give out personal info such as your address, bank account password, usernames, etc.

That said, I have no problem using my real name and pictures on my blog. There is no shame in being a Sugar Baby—in fact, you should be proud of it!


Last but not least, be supportive of those in the Sugar community! It’s not always easy being a part of the Bowl, so make sure to treat other members with respect and kindness. Though there can be a lot of negativity in the online world, but we’re all here for the same reasons—to seek advice, encouragement, and friendship. Be encouraging, rather than jealous. No one likes a salty Sugar Baby!

Remember to support your sisters in Sugar, and you’ll be surprised by the great relationships you create! To meet Sugar Babies near you, in real life, or online, visit the Sugar Sisters Forums.