Navigating a Sugar Daddy’s Profile

By Nikki Sweet

Mar 03, 2018

Maybe you’re browsing local profiles on Seeking Arrangements and someone catches your eye.  Maybe you got a notification that a Sugar Daddy has viewed your profile. You decide to check him out. Whatever leads you to his profile it’s important to know what all the parts of a Sugar Daddy profile mean. Importantly you need to know what you can do with that information. This is all about navigating a Sugar Daddy’s profile.

First things first…

The first thing you’ll see on a Sugar Daddy’s profile page is (hopefully) a picture of his handsome smiling face. Some men choose instead to highlight a photo of their favorite vehicle or a pretty sunset. These Sugar Daddies are more likely to be married. If this is not an avenue you’re interested in pursuing that’s worth noting.

Under his photo will be his username, his age, and where he’s located. You’ll also see whether he’s a Premium or Diamond Member of SeekingArrangement. You will also be able to see if he is verified or not.

There will be a button that says “Message” and a small heart. You can send him a message or you can “Favorite” him by clicking that heart.

Or you can continue down his profile page.

His Information Tab

Next down the line you’ll see his Info tab. Here he’s listed who he’s looking for (women or men). There is also information about his annual income, net worth, children, smoking habits, and body type. All of this information is self-reported, and anecdotal evidence seems to support the fact that many Sugar Daddies either under report or over report their incomes on their profiles, depending on what they are looking to imply.

If he has more than one photo it’s worth checking his Body Type listed against his photos. Do you feel like they match up? Or is he unrealistic in his own assessment of himself? While it might not be a deal breaker it’s still valuable information to have in mind.

About halfway down on the right side, you’ll see “Lifestyle Budget”, which confuses many a novice Sugar Baby. Never fear, Nikki is here to explain.

About that Lifestyle Budget…

The lifestyle budget is the amount that the Sugar Daddy has allotted to support the lifestyle of a Sugar Daddy. This isn’t how much he’s willing to spend per Sugar Baby, it’s most often how much he’s willing to spend total.

Negotiable: Means he doesn’t have a set budget, and you’ll really have to discuss with him beforehand.
Minimal: Up to $1,000 a month
Practical: Up to $3,000 a month
Moderate: Up to $5,000 a month
Substantial: Up to $10,000 a month
High: More than $10,000 a month

No matter what he’s chosen for this, it’s still worth a discussion, and this is a topic best brought up after your first Meet and Greet.

These amounts also mean something radically different depending on locations. If your potential Sugar Daddy is not local to you discuss what an arrangement looks like to you. What you would be comfortable with? What would be a deal-breaker? It’s important to be confident but not overly pushy in these discussions. You are worth what you put into the Sugar relationship. You shouldn’t let someone else denigrate what you believe you are worth.

“About Me”

This is a section where some Sugar Daddies shine and others slump. I have seen long winding paragraphs about their hopes, their dreams. I have also seen “message me” and nothing else. It really depends on the man.

However, this is a good place to see if you like the way he expresses himself. Does he match the kind of man you are looking for. Does he use text speak even when he claims to be a powerful CEO?

“What I’m Looking For”

This is another place to get a quick feel for your potential Sugar Daddy. This section can be long or short, depending on his personality and writing style. Some guys have a really specific idea of what kind of Sugar Baby they are looking for, while others just have a general picture in their mind and hope the right one will come along and message them.

His Activity Tab

Now that you’ve thoroughly scanned over everything there is to see on his information tab, it’s time to check out that activity tab. If you’ve never looked at him before, there may not be anything there, but if he’s checked you out, you’ll find that information right here!

Going forward, you’ll see the interactions between the two of you, from times he’s looked at your profile, to times you’ve messaged each other, to even when you’ve marked each other as a “favorite” profile.

Now that you have a better understanding of all the parts of a Sugar Daddy profile, you can send him an opening message and show him just how amazing you are. Go get ‘em!