Networking With Sugar Daddies

By Malia

Feb 07, 2017

Many Sugar Babies search for the leprechaun Sugar Daddy with a POT of  gold at the end of the rainbow (allowance). Why not? He is the winning prize of Sugar lifestyle! As an attractive woman yourself, you should be given that pot of gold and some royalty treatment, right? Wrong! Here are some tips to makes networking with Sugar Daddies easier. 

Learn How to be a Sugar Baby by Connecting with Sugar Daddies

The pot of gold is the network with successful Sugar Daddies, in addition to the financial tokens of appreciation. Real Sugar Daddies have the gift of opening doors to you. If you are a trustworthy person, the sky becomes the limit.

Novice Sugar Babies, pay attention: The sky doesn’t pour benefits from day one of a platonic meeting. Before lamenting about what a time waster it was to get out and have a meal or coffee with a potential Sugar Daddy, think: Did I create a future possibility in this meeting?

You Have to Create Value to be Valuable to a Sugar Daddy

Put your mark in everything you do, from your profile to your presence. Cultivate legitimate connections with powerful men and use every opportunity to learn something from those moments. If an arrangement does not follow and you handled things well, you’ve got a quick hook for later on, in a different way.

You’d be surprised how small this world is! One day, you may end up on a job interview at a POT company, unaware that he worked or owned that company. Surprise, it happened to me!  

I did not get the job, but a job interview turned out to be a second opportunity to reconnect a year after a meet and greet. A “business lunch” followed the job interview with much laughter for both of us, all real identities served on the plate.

We had secrets and trust to build upon. To this day I can reach out to him for help and insights when I need his wisdom. Never would I have been given this opportunity to have him as mentor if it weren’t for the Sugar Bowl.

How NOT to Waste Your Time in Sugaring

Physical youthfulness has a limited window of time. You may want to party until late in the evening. Barely sleeping, drinking hard and living a carefree life of a princess. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture, beyond the fact that is short lived. In essence, you are wasting your time in the outer shell of success. Any cash can buy that, therefore, any Sugar Daddy with cash could give you that. Is that all you want out a Sugar Baby life?

While using your image as bait to hook a Sugar Daddy may be an easier way, using your brain and personality, will allow you to enrich yourself with successful Sugar Daddy connections. Networking is a beautiful thing. Who knows? Maybe your Daddy will take you to a fancy event, with other networking opportunities all around. While you may not work for these Sugar Daddies or POT, they are extremely helpful when you need will allow you to see them beyond their ATM value.

Sweet Sugar Daddies have a sweet spot for helping Sugar Babies. That is indeed the true meaning of “you give a poor Sugar Baby a fish and you feed her for a day. You teach her to fish and you give her an occupation that will feed her for a lifetime.”

Let’s all go fishing and network with Sugar Daddies for our success!  Do you have instances where you used a POT to network? Please spill the beans on comments below.