Newbie Guide Part Two

By Egan

Jul 28, 2016

The Newbie Guide Part Two will help you navigate the initial meeting with a POT and explain how to secure an arrangement.

The First Impression

All of your preparation is finally done, you’re all dressed up and it’s time for your first date with a POT. The first impression is critical to the date going well so please plan to be on time.

Time is money and being late is not fashionable, it’s actually incredibly disrespectful. Look up the driving time online and give yourself an extra 15 minutes for traffic, accidents or a wrong turn. If you are early you can always find ways to occupy yourself. Remember there’s no such thing as a second first impression.

When you greet them always be genuine. If you are a hugger, go for it; if a hand-shake is more your style, stick with that. Just make sure you give them a big smile, they are likely just as nervous as you are.

The Date

If you are meeting for drinks keep it classy. Don’t over do it, stick to a two drink maximum. I tend to stick to one so I can make sure to stay on point. This date is as much to showcase yourself as it is to find out if you want an arrangement with them, it’s better to have a clear head.

Ideally dates are smooth and fun, but let’s be honest, sometimes they can be awkward.  You guys don’t like the same things, you aren’t verbally clicking or there’s just no chemistry. It’s always good to have a couple neutral topics on hand in case of a lull in conversation. A couple good ideas are: hobbies you enjoy, places you’d like to travel and why, funny stories from the week, etc. And if you really draw a blank ask them about themselves, it’s very simple and the easiest subject for most people to talk about.  

Don’t bring up finances on the date, you don’t want to make your POT feel like an ATM before you know if you click or not. Wait until after the first date to bring up terms of an arrangement unless the POT brings it up first.

The last and most crucial piece of advice for when you are on the actual date is to be present!  Turn your phone on silent and don’t check it on the date. Be in the moment and pay attention to your date and the conversation. It sounds like a no-brainer, but in today’s technology addicted society people are often so used to having their phones in their hands they forget to put them away at the appropriate time. Keep your phone in your purse and if you must check it for some reason do it in the restroom away from your date.


Close the date with a sincere thank you, they took time to meet you and paid for your night.  Even if it wasn’t a connection you should always thank them for the night. If the date went well and you want to pursue an arrangement don’t hesitate to let them know. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know you really enjoyed yourself.

If you are a little shy, you can always contact them later that night or the next day. A basic message saying you really enjoyed meeting them and would like to pursue the next step will suffice.  

If they respond positively now is the time to set up the terms of your arrangement. If they seem hesitant offer another date to see if you guys have chemistry or not. If they don’t respond or politely decline don’t take it personally, move on with grace.  

Close the Deal

When you are agreeing on the terms of your arrangement get everything figured out at this stage instead of having to revisit it later. Figure out what kind of pampering you’re going to be getting, how frequently you’ll be receiving it, what you expect from them and what they expect from you.

It might feel unnatural to approach all of that at once, but being very clear at this phase will eliminate any future issues and leave you both free to enjoy your time together.  As always be genuine and express gratitude for everything your Sugar Daddy (or Mommy) is willing to do to make your life better.