Places You’d Never Think to Vacation with Daddy

By Zenya Rose

Jan 24, 2018
There are some classic vacation spots that everyone knows. Hawaii, Cancun and the United Arab Emirates are the traditional choices. But if you and Daddy truly want to get away maybe try taking the road less traveled. These spots are places you wont find on every Instagram model’s recent locations. I have listed both modern and off the grid destinations for every traveling baby’s list. Here are places you’d never think to vacation to with Daddy!

Habari Baby!

Zanzibar, Tanzania
Airfare from the East Coast: $871
Conversion from USD to Tanzanian Shilling:
1 USD = 2231.05
Zanzibar is the epitome of an island getaway. Zanzibar City is an old trade city complete with mosques and winding lanes. There is a former sultan’s palace with a clock tower from 1883 known as the House of Wonders. Outside of Stone Town the island is far more remote. You and Daddy can climb Mount Kilimanjaro and rest in the east African wild.

The beaches of Zanzibar are white sand with calm waters rain bowing into every shade of blue. Try to plan your visit around a full moon and you will get the chance to participate in the celebratory party on the beach ! The drumbeats of local African rhythm permeates through the air instead of Western pop!

One Night in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
Airfare from the East Coast: $491
Conversion from USD to Thai Baht:
1 USD = 31.77
Thailand is home to tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces and ancient ruins. It also has ornate palaces displaying figures of Buddha. If meditation and yoga is your style then Thailand may be the place for you. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Bangkok is ultramodern and runs alongside beach resorts. If you live like a local you can come to enjoy Thailand very cheaply. Eating street food and shopping around for cheap goodies can save you a ton! If Daddy has a lot of money to blow on you there are still high-end night clubs with $11(400 baht) cocktails.

My Pretty Little Galway Girl

Galway, Ireland
Airfare from the East Coast: $531
Conversion from USD to Euro:
1 USD = 0.82
Are you a big Ed Sheeran fan? Do you enjoy cooler climates to tropical temps? Perhaps Ireland is the place for you. Ireland is an awesome place to visit because it has a ton of history concentrated in not that much land mass. You can drive from coast to coast (Galway to Dublin) in a matter of two and a half hours! Some of the best tourist attraction in Galway are related to the scenery. The top tourist attractions all center around the Cliffs of Moher. Galway is also incredibly diverse. It is the fourth-most populous urban area in the Republic of Ireland by population. There’s even a Latin quarter! Do yourself a favor and don’t greet the locals with “Top of the morning to ye.” They wont like it!

Do any of these places strike your fancy? Have you visited any of them before? Do the prices of air fare surprise you? Let us know in the comment section below!