Planning the Perfect Halloween Date

By WhenSadieTalks

Oct 31, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you love that the whole month can be dedicated to holiday-themed date ideas. And why not? There are so many different activities you can do that are specifically centered around this time of the year. Planning a date that is fun, memorable, and easily come to mind when I think of the countdown to Halloween.

Home Dates

Haunted House Decorating: Target, Michael’s, Walmart, and Pottery Barn all have gingerbread haunted house decorating kits. If you’re extremely talented and have a lot of time for your date, you can also bake the gingerbread with your date from scratch. Since not everyone is a Martha Stewart, the kits work nicely, too.

Movies and Scary Sounds: If you’re hosting the evening, you can easily find one of many scary movies on Netflix, Hulu, or from the Red Box to watch. YouTube has playlists dedicated to Halloween party songs and also playlists that just include spooky sounds that you can have lingering in the background. Party City has multiple CD’s for Halloween also, but I’m all about spending the least amount of money as possible, while still getting the vibe right.


You don’t have to go over-the-top, but having some sort of holiday decoration where your date will see it, will immediately get them into the Halloween mindset when they are at your place. This can be placed on the coffee table, next to your tv, or outside on your front porch.

Take out any pumpkin, or Autumn scented candles you have. Light them a few minutes before your date arrives to make your apartment smell amazing. Michael’s has many large, pumpkin scented candles that last a really long time and are under $5.

Having a small bowl of candy corn out for munching brings back childhood memories for most people, so there’s going to be no complaints if you decide to go above and beyond with that tiny detail.


Cooking can be centered around the theme, too. Social media seems to get better and better every year with all the amazing holiday treat ideas. Search Pinterest to find cute Halloween baking ideas and recipes, or scroll through Instagram to get your inspiration.

One thing I like to do to make sure I’m a great host is to find out ahead of time if my date likes, or dislikes the main ingredient of the cuisine I plan to make. I’m not going to spend the money and energy making chocolate-covered pretzels with pumpkin faces if it turns out my date doesn’t eat chocolate. You don’t need to tell them what you plan to make beforehand, but asking your date if they like to eat meals with coconut, chocolate, or pasta will save you from making something they actually won’t like.

Instead of cooking a meal centered around the Halloween theme, you can instead impress your date with an alcoholic, or non-alcoholic drink ideas like Dragon’s Breath Punch, or Swamp Juice. The internet is your friend and should be utilized for some inspiration.

Date Night Looks

Dressing the Part: Unless you’re going to a Halloween party, more-than-likely you won’t be dressing up in a full costume for your date. Painting your nails black, or orange and black are a way to up your festive look. Doing your eye makeup in a more dramatic smokey eye compared to normal is also an overall winning look to most men.

Wearing those stilettos or black leather skirt is appropriate also. Just don’t overdo your look with head-to-toe sex appeal. Keep one part of your body clothed and classy, especially if you’re over 30.

The Sugar Daddies on SA love showing off their dates in public, but in case someone from the office happens to see them, they want to be able to introduce you without the office gossiping the next day.

Local Dates

Check local Facebook groups for fun activities going on in your own community. If you have a favorite pub or hotel lounge that you like to go to, call them to find out if they are having a themed happy hour coming up. It also doesn’t hurt to ask if they have a costume contest, because who doesn’t enjoy the possibility of walking away from your date with more money than you started with?

Though there aren’t many, corn mazes are always a hit. A few years ago my date took me to a corn maze in Los Angeles and I purposely “dropped” the map that was supposed to be used to find our way out. We got lost and the crew had to come with flashlights to help us find our way back to the entrance after three hours. It was something I will never forget and the excitement of being lost together up’d the scare factor.

Every city has at least one graveyard. Bring a picnic dinner with a bottle of wine to the graveyard and tell ghost stories while you get a little tipsy. The eeriness of the ambiance will leave you both feeling like you want to hold each other closely and do you see where I’m going with this?

The perfect Halloween dates have the potential to turn an ordinary evening into an evening you both will remember long after it ends. Relax, set the mood, and live in the moment. This Halloween is going to be the best one yet!