Plus Size Sugar Babies Can Be Successful

By BronzedSugarUK

Feb 20, 2016

Is it possible to be a successful sugar baby if you are plus size? – Hell Yes!

I’ve found there are so many plus size women who believe that potential sugar daddies won’t be attracted to them because of their size. Every time I read a comment on Let’s Talk Sugar’s Instagram or my own blog, from a girl who doesn’t want to sugar because she is larger than the sugar baby stereotype, it breaks my heart.

Why do so many women allow themselves to believe they are less than amazing just because they don’t look a certain way? Beauty standards are largely influenced by media and society. But let’s not forget that these same standards are constantly changing. This means THERE IS NO FINITE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY. Size is not the fundamental factor in determining beauty.

Think of your favourite plus size celebrities, perhaps it’s Adele or Amber Rose or Mary lambert or (my personal woman crush), Danielle Brooks. What makes them beautiful? Their size certainly doesn’t take away from their beauty.  In fact, their curves contribute to their sex appeal and their confidence is undeniably attractive.

Now if you’ve been reading my blogs, you already know that I like to take things beyond the surface level. So, instead of just telling you to ‘own your size’, I’m going to share some advice.

Choose your Influencers

Essentially, I want you to pay attention to the people you follow on social media.

I say this because if you exclusively follow super skinny models and you yourself are not super skinny, what kind of messages are you sending yourself? It won’t be long until your subconscious associates beauty with a thin figure. Instead, pick some plus size women on social media who inspire you and follow them. It won’t be long until you begin to see the beauty in your size too!

Have A Positive Mind-set

Adopt a positive attitude towards your figure and it will shine from the inside out. Begin plus size is beautiful.

If you start to think in terms of ‘plus is equal’ rather than ‘plus is less’,  you will be successful in your sugaring.