Profile Perfection

By Sugar Experts

Sep 03, 2015

In episode nine of Let’s Talk Sugar, we tackle everything you need to know about profile perfection.  Your inbox will be flooded in no time! Perfecting your profile is step one to getting the most out of SeekingArrangement.

Picture Perfect

Your profile picture is the first thing that will catch a potential Sugar Daddy’s attention, so be sure to look at it as an opportunity to present a conversation starter. Opt for a clear picture of your smiling face to get the best response. Selfies are fine, but try not to go full Kim K with the camera.

Be sure to have a few private photos as well to keep him enticed and add a bit of mystery. Be sure to have a full body shot, a bikini picture, and one of you dressed up. Remember to keep it sexy, never slutty.

Vacation pictures are okay if you take up the majority of the frame. Never use a group shot, he shouldn’t have to play “Where’s Waldo?” when trying to catch a glimpse of you.

Content Control

Perfecting the content of your profile is a sure way to find an arrangement quickly. You want to attract the right person while demonstrating your true personality. The first step in doing so is to choose the right username. Pick a mature username that tells a bit about you. Shoot for cute, never childish, or you will end up attracting all the wrong matches.

Be honest about everything in your profile including, height, weight, and age. You would want him to do the same and you never want to start anything with a lie. That’s just asking for an unnecessary disappointment.

Your about section should be detailed without rambling on. This is your time to list your hobbies, best qualities, your dreams and what you plan on studying. Take the time to list your aspirations as well as your best physical feature whether it’s your sparkling eyes or an ass that won’t quit. Show your confidence and let him know you think you’re hot too.

Also, never mention what you’re looking for in the about me portion, there’s a place just for that. Don’t jump the gun.

Once you make it to the what I’m looking for section be sure not to simply list out the rules for dating you. Do not act entitled to funds, describe your perfect man, not what you expect him to give you.

What are your tips for the perfect profile?