Profiles Perfected

By Bria Lea

Oct 05, 2017

It can be difficult to describe yourself via the internet. You want to be sure that you remain genuine, intriguing, and mysterious. You want to stand out and be unique.  SeekingArrangement is the profile foundation so keep it real, short and sweet.

Profile Pictures

Make sure that you have a good number of pictures of yourself that make you stand out. This should include a couple selfies and pictures with family and friends. Add in extra pictures of nature, travel destinations, or animals. Don’t overdo it or be too sultry. Be real, authentic and confident. You want to have at least one to six pictures on your profile.

About Me

What do you think about when you write about yourself? Is it your career, friends, family, or hobbies? When adding to this section of a profile, you want to stand out, be yourself, and remain intriguing. Include  your interests or anything that makes you happy. When you write about yourself make sure that you are being true and genuine. You want to keep it authentic.

What I’m Looking For

Be detailed when it comes to what you want through dating and sugaring. It could be the specifics of something that you look for in a partner, like age, job occupation, or whether they smoke or drink. Don’t be overly specific. Be open-minded about anything that could come your way. Less judgment attracts more to your site in order to gain what it is that you are looking for.

Too Much Information

You want to be sure not to give out too much personal information online. Make sure that you are specific about what you enjoy and like but also keep other things to yourself. Sometimes, it can be better to let them know more about you when you are in person rather than finding everything about you via the internet.


Be yourself. Rather just keep it simple, sophisticated, and classy. You want to be sure to keep it playful, carefree and don’t take it too seriously.