My Recipe For Sugar Success

By Allison

Sep 25, 2015

Using Sugar as an Ingredient

I’ll be the first one to admit it: Sugar that manifests itself in the glitz and glamour can be just as addicting as sugar the barista dumped into my Starbucks this morning, and just as easy to lose yourself in. When the cash is flowing freely and things that once seemed out of reach are now resting in the palm opposite your Starbucks-holding hand, it’s a latte easier to live in the moment. But don’t. Live instead for the moves you plan to make for your future.

The reality is the Sugar Bowl has something for everyone, and that’s what makes it so unique and difficult to label. Just as actual sugar comes in all shapes and forms (powdered, brown, raw) the types of Sugar relationships you will encounter are all immensely diverse. With proper preparation, they can serve a very rewarding, indulgent, and guilt-free purpose.

I’ve come to accept that it’s confusing from an outside perspective. I’ve smiled sweetly in the faces of enough talk show hosts and journalists who ask me to justify my personal dating choices to know that when they don’t understand, they judge.

Prep for Sugar Success

The first step in the preparation of this little concoction is to stop judging yourself. Think of it as preheating the oven- without a warm, self-accepting environment to manifest our finished product, it will never come to fruition. I do not feel comfortable with complacency and I refuse to accept the cold fate of settling. Understand your motives and be honest with yourself. Don’t let a world that tells us it’s wrong to want and expect more from relationships define how you feel.

Preheat that oven, girl. Make it so hot St. Bart’s is jealous. Get that POT boiling and ready to turn the cold, hard world into something a little softer and sweeter to take a bite out of. If you look at it this way, you will see that what you are bringing to the table in the form of goals, youth, beauty, and ambitions. Your unique set of skills is still the main ingredient, and the sugar relationship is simply a vessel to help you prepare it as finely as possible.

Sweet Ingredients

The second step is gathering the ingredients. What Sugaring has taught me is that it’s vital we enter into ANY relationship with our own dreams and passions. Visualize how you want to benefit someone else’s life, while knowing the role you expect them to play in return. This means taking some time to look within yourself, and mentally lay out what factors you already possess in order to reach your goal.

This allows you to be clear and cut-to-the-chase upon asking for the missing elements, and let me tell you- it is much easier to ask shamelessly, fearlessly, and faithfully for more Sugar when you know you’re going to make one bad ass batch of fulfillment from it for you both.

If you have a finished product in mind to apply his generosity towards, it becomes so much deeper than a transaction. You don’t have to worry about the Sugar someday running dry. Asking someone to be intimately invested in your process of self empowerment by using what they have to offer as an ingredient will enhance what you already have.

This ultimately speaks to the very real, human experience of Sugar dating and the innate need to form positive relationships in our lives. To me, applying a piece of someone else’s life experiences to your own vision is a highly attractive form of gratitude. A Sugar Daddy becomes a part of your success story, and that is satisfying for both parties involved.

There is a great big world out there for the taking, but don’t leave it up to how the cookie crumbles. Go out there and bake it for yourself.

The final step once you’ve made it? Devour it, savor it, and do it again…but this time, in designer heels.