Relax Before Meeting a Sugar Daddy

By Hannah Bates

Feb 07, 2017

Feeling nervous before meeting a Sugar Daddy is totally normal. The relationship is different from a traditional one, and sometimes you need to center yourself to find comfort. Here are a few tips to help you relax before meeting a Sugar Daddy.

Time Out

Take time to unwind and clear your head. Some people enjoy relaxation in a bathtub or meditating. Taking a time out can help you focus on what you’re looking for in Sugar. Make a list of things you hope to get out of Sugar, and another list of the traits you want in a Sugar Daddy.

When you feel control over your life, it is easy to be confident going into an arrangement. A psychic reading can be enlightening and many people take comfort in the idea. A reading may help you see what you’re hoping to achieve and how that fits with the rest of your life clearly.

Treat Yourself

A pampering treatment like a massage is another great way to unwind. The benefits of massage are not only in your body, but in your mind as well. Even if you can’t afford a spa day (yet) there are reflexology places where $20 will get you a 30 min foot massage. Just do your research!  Or if you’re not into full body massages, a reflexology session can be a great alternative.

Either will allow you to focus on yourself rather than worrying about the upcoming date. Alternatively, book a beauty treatment. While a facial is probably not a great choice for right before a date, getting a professional manicure will save work when getting ready and help you relax.

Talking Points

Put some thought into what you’re going to talk about with a POT or potential Sugar Daddy. A first meeting is a make or break time. Both of you will form those crucial first impressions. Think about a few topics that you’d be comfortable discussing, and read up on the latest news stories so that you don’t risk feeling out of your depth.

It’s not always the case, but most Sugar Daddies are likely to be more interested in current affairs than your peers might be. Of course, you don’t need to have knowledge on all subjects, but do try to be aware of what’s going on in the world. Your Sugar date wants to have an intelligent conversation with you.

That said, you’d be best advised to avoid getting into any heated discussions. Meaning it’s best to avoid politics and religion. The idea is for you both to have fun and for your Sugar Daddy to be able to forget about the usual stresses of life.

While it’s good to have plenty to say, it’s important not to start babbling every time there’s a lull in the conversation. It will only emphasise your nervousness. Just have a couple of funny stories ready to share if the right moment arises, and don’t be afraid of silence. You must give him a chance to fill it.


If you’re feeling jittery when getting ready for a first meeting with a Sugar Daddy, try these suggestions to make sure you feel fully prepared and as relaxed as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and arrive early. Just before you meet your date, put on a big smile and remember that you’re both there to have fun!