Salt Daddy Red Flags

By Allison

Oct 09, 2015

So, it’s happened to all of us- we’ve gotten THE message from a potential sugar daddy (POT) that we thought would change our lives. As we begin to dream of having rent paid and a new Chanel bag, it’s easy to overlook possible red flags.

Sugar and Salt look nearly identically, so it’s important to do your best to sift through the mix and determine what is worth your time before emotionally investing in the dreaded Salt Daddy and getting your high class hopes up!

Red Flag #1

He talks about what a “real Sugar Daddy” does and puts down other men on the site.

While there are of course exceptions to every rule, typically a man of desirability and stature has not reached his level of success by putting other men down. Just as in the conventional dating world, a guy insisting repeatedly to you that he is a “real man” wouldn’t actually make him one, in the sugar bowl it is all about action than words.

I have always said: When I show up to that date looking as good if not better than I look in my photos, I am upholding my end of the bargain. I am proving I am who I say I am. A REAL Sugar Daddy’s job is to prove through his actions that he is as affluent and appealing as he claims to be as well. If he is only giving you words and glamorous promises, it’s time to kick up those heels and leave that ball.

Red Flag #2

He has inconsistencies between his profile and what he tells you while talking to you.

This is why it is very important to really read and be familiar with a Sugar Daddy’s profile before speaking with him. Know what age he claims to be, what he says his name is, and what his profession and net worth is. Often times, I will keep the profile up on my laptop while having an initial phone call and check facts against the conversation.

Now, it is true that a lot of successful men will be hesitant to provide a lot of telling information in their profile. Ask them upfront if there is anything about themselves that they are keeping confidential in their profiles. Commonly, the usernames on the site are aliases for both Sugar Babies and Daddies to maintain a certain level of secrecy. If he comes clean about any inconsistencies, he may be more trustworthy. I’ve also had men provide me with links to their businesses, online presence, or articles linking them with their success as a way to gain legitimacy in my mind. Remember: A genuine Sugar Daddy will value your comfort and sense of safety above all else.

Red Flag #3

If he is vague, he is not invested.

Don’t anticipate much from a POT who won’t even send you a full paragraph about himself. Offers that shoot directly towards planning what he wants out of the first meeting and talking about compensation in the first sentence without even getting to know you will most likely not end in a long term Sugar relationship. I find that I receive these messages the most from POTs travelling into my city, like men who will be here for a couple nights and are looking for a sweet time. I ignore or politely decline these messages, because I am looking for someone to invest in my journey and I don’t want to be merely a stop on theirs!

Conversely, if your profile is vague, it opens you up to the potential of more wishy-washy responses. Be precise, be clear and be confident in what you want, need and what you are looking for- but still maintain a level of open mindedness. This will put you in a place to receive all that the sugar world has to offer, and send the message to those salt daddies that you are too sweet to settle.