SeekerSupport: Seeking Suspensions and You

By Katanna

Jan 30, 2019

Hopefully, this has never happened to you, but if you have ever been suspended we want to explain our process. Suspensions can happen for one of two reasons. You may have been reported by a member for violating our Terms of Use or your account has been automatically flagged by our automated system.

Why Was I Suspended?

There are many reasons why a user can be suspended. The most common reasons why a user is suspended is for not using the site properly, including but not limited to using the site for commercial activity, soliciting or using violating terminology. A lot of the time, we will give users another chance to get their account reinstated, depending on the violation. There are two different ways to get your account reinstated. We will go over that further down in this post.

Member Reports

One of the most helpful ways you can help us keep bad actors off our site is by using our member report system. It is important that you are reporting members using the correct report reason. This will prevent any delay in the investigation process.

Please keep in mind that every report is investigated thoroughly. If you are found in violation as well during the investigation we will also take necessary action on your account regardless of who reported who. Additionally, if you are found to be falsely reporting others, we will also take action on your account.

Timed Suspensions

Timed suspensions work by having a user log into their suspended account and agreeing to our terms of use. Logging in will also show the violation that was placed on your account for clarification. Once you have agreed to our Terms, your countdown will begin. Once the countdown has expired, your account will automatically be reinstated and you will not need to reach out to support for further assistance. There are two different waiting times given depending on the amount or the severity of the suspension(s). These waiting times are 24 and 72 hours.

For suspensions that do not have a timed reinstatement, you will need to write into support for assistance.

Indefinite Suspensions

These are reserved for our most severe or repeated suspensions. If your account has received an indefinite suspension, when you log in you will be given a generic message. However, further information will be sent to the email we have on file. In order for a member of our Support team to investigate your account, you will need to email in. This will allow us to revisit your account, look at the evidence or violation provided, and determine whether your account is eligible for reinstatement. Something to note is that not all accounts are eligible for restoration. Once a final decision has been made on your account, there will not be a reversal or change made. This is to protect our community and ensure that we have only the best members on our site.

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