Selecting A Longterm Sugar Daddy

By Malia

Apr 24, 2017

There comes a time when you’ve identified your top POTs and offers start to come in. Your toughest decision is who will become your Sugar Daddy. For Sugar Babies looking for a traditional SD-SB monogamous arrangement, please know that monthly allowances still exist in this niche – unusual in these days of revolving door NSA sugaring, but they are out there if you know how to mine for gems. Today I am sharing tips on handling multiple long-term arrangement offers and selecting a longterm Sugar Daddy.

By the time you get your first offer among your top POT, the clock starts ticking. You have to make a decision about exclusively, and about taking an allowance and arrangement, without knowing what the near future holds. Nerve wrecking.

Let’s Make a Deal

In an ideal world all offers would have been laid out in front of you at the same time, or you knew how many more would be coming in and when. In real world, it doesn’t quite happen that way. You have to choose among door (POT) number one, two and three. Once you get the first allowance offer for an exclusive arrangement and see the $2,500, you need to decide to stick with it and be happy (not trying to accept and play games later to get more than agreed). Would the $2,500 a month from someone you click with, who is nice but is out of shape and married (meaning you’ll be hiding indoors for the most time) make you happy? What if there is $3,000 and nice trips behind door (POT) number two, and, he is single? What if door number 3 is with the most attractive of all POTs and he offers the sweetest support? What if the others offer less and ghost you after the last date you’ve had with them?

Learn to Decline

Practice saying “no” gracefully. Pass on the first potential SD offer, unless he checks all boxes in your wish list and you are over-the-moon excited about him. Why? If you accept the first arrangement offer you get, you are likely to resent or think maybe you could have gotten a sweeter arrangement. Holding onto the first offer can be a decision rooted in fear that there won’t be another Sugar Daddy coming up with an allowance offer right after you say “No thanks” to the first offer. Realistically there are 10-14 Sugar Babies per Sugar Daddy and you may have to start the search process all over again if your other two do not move forward with you. So, be ready to accept consequences if your gut instincts about your other contenders are wrong.

Maintain Your Confidence

When you realize you have something powerful to offer a SD, you won’t just take the first POT with a fat wallet. Daddies can see through fear and desperation, and that’s when they feel ATM-ized. On the other hand, they perceive you differently and even treat you differently if you are confident and down to Earth enough to recognize when your needs are not met. A SD with means can potentially sweeten his interest on you with a second offer after you decline or walk away. But, when you find a Sugar Daddy who is truly interested in you, he will see the value and come after you. If he is not interested enough, he won’t bend an inch. Instead, he will expect you to bend to his allowance, terms, all in his repeated formula that worked for him in other Sugar Baby arrangements. Once you go down that route, it is likely you will also be easily replaced with a new SB in his rotational preset program. That is typically the first clue that an arrangement with him will not be long-term.

Dream big

In a needy state, it is hard for you or anyone to recognize that a POT is a choice. Maintain your self control and power when deciding every day who your Sugar Daddy is and not the other way around. Simply, do not get intimidated by his bigger pool of potentials. What I found out is that when a SD stretches his boundaries and does what he considers unthinkable in the Sugar Lifestyle, it is always because he thinks you are worth it. Think about it, aim high and recognize your self worth without being a brat.