4 Steps to Getting Your Sugar Baby Allowance

By Sadie Knox

Jun 07, 2019

So you’ve created a profile, gone through your messages and have screened the whack jobs from the what seems like promising Sugar Daddies. Went on dates and finally clicked with someone, spoken about what you both want and have agreed on an arrangement you’re both comfortable and happy with, now what? Arrangements have different aspects that make it what it is; let’s take a look at what those are:

Amount of Sweet Sugar

Money, numbers, gifts and specific objects of necessity. These are some of the different ways an allowance can manifest itself. Remember every Sugar relationship is completely unique and with its own rules. Think about what it is that you need. Do you need a new laptop or books for school? Bit of help with the bills? Some daily spending money? Or are you looking more into being spoiled and pampered with dinners and luxurious outings? Regardless of what it is that you want, make sure you KNOW what it is and that it’s a  realistic and reasonable thing to ask.

Know what your reasons for wanting them are and know that whatever it is that you want/need is never based on your physicality. It’s dangerous to measure money, objects and even education based on your looks, skin, weight. In doing so you’re inviting in self-doubt and self-objectification which only lead to poor self-esteem. We’re Queens and Kings here, no need for any of that. What makes a real Sugar relationship really take off is chemistry, PERIOD.

Plan a Sugar Day

Great! You have finally met someone that you have chemistry with and want to actually spend time with. The discussion of how many times a week you will meet has come up as well as what kind of time and activities you will be doing when you are spending that time together. An allowance has been set as a result of this and now that you have the numbers out of the way it’s time to focus on the day the allowance will take place. It’s important and beneficial for the both of you to have a day a week and/or month (depending on the arrangement) where you’ve both agreed the sugaring will take place and sticking to it.

Talk about how you would like to receive your allowance; do you want cash, bank deposit, or/ and gifts? Be honest with your Sugar Daddy, it’s also good to discuss the possibility of if for whatever reason you are unable to meet that week how will the allowance continue to take place. Don’t be shy, your sugar daddy should be willing and open to having this discussion, if he doesn’t and/or makes you feel guilty about discussing these things then he is probably not someone you want to spend your time with, consider that a red flag. That being said you must also be receptive to what he has to say and take into consideration his own feelings and opinions as well as limits and boundaries.

Day of Sugaring

The day is finally here. The debut and courting stages are transitioning into a new chapter. You and your Sugar Daddy have met and the arrangement has been honored. Hopefully, every set day of Sugaring has been as planned, but, what happens if things start to change? There are Sugar Daddies that slowly sat up. In my case, I was dating a Sugar Daddy and on our second set day, he gave me my allowance short and said that he hadn’t planned to spend so much on dinner. I let it go because, hey, stuff happens. Come the second time around it was the same story and my allowance was shorter than the last time. We had a conversation about it that went nowhere. I resented the fact that I was put in a position where I had to explain why this was a problem. It wasn’t about the money specifically but mostly because a conversation had already been had to establish these very details. Needless to say, he pleaded to meet one more time after that and I agreed out of honest curiosity, unsurprisingly he had some story about why he thought the arrangement was too one-sided.

Long story short I never looked back and that was that. Regardless of your day to day and financial situation you should never allow for an SD/SM to make you auction yourself in such a way. Once an arrangement has been done it should be honored, end of the story. Another thing is making sure that if there is intimacy involved you are doing it because YOU want to. AND that if indeed you are, you feel comfortable when doing so and feel like whatever arrangement you have done supplements the intimacy and time this relationship is taking to bloom. A sugaring arrangement should not be complicated, the opposite your SD/SM should want his Sugar baby to feel safe, secure and as enjoyable for you as it is for him.

Bottom Line

You are a fierce spark of energy! Whatever your reasons for wanting to dip into the Sugar lifestyle, when it comes down to the blueprint of the arrangement it should be based on the understanding that you two are there to enjoy your time and each other with mutual respect and beneficial delights. No one here should make you feel any less, this is about having fun and meeting interesting people you might not normally get to spend time with. 

Enjoy your Sugaring!