Sexy, Healthy Food Choices

By young_dolli

Dec 14, 2017

It seems like just yesterday summer was upon us. We went from sexy bikinis on the beach and tan bods, to bundling up in our favorite cozy sweaters and sitting by the fireplace. Nowadays, the leaves are changing into their warm fall colors, giving us a sense that winter will soon be near. There’s nothing sexier than cuddling next to your Sugar Daddy during those chilly nights. However, there’s nothing like the common cold that can put a damper on cuddling time. Here are a few immune boosting foods and sexy, healthy food choices that’ll keep the bedroom sexy, and your health rocking steady all through winter.

Sweet Cranberry Life

Cranberries are much more than an accessory piece to your trail mix, or that extra garnish in your holiday decorations. They may be small, but these little guys pack a punch, especially for females. They’re loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C, which are all essential in maintaining our general health. Why they’re sexy is because they help block nasty bacteria from ruining your sensitive and delicate areas.

Having a crazy romp can be all fun and games, except having too much fun in the bedroom can sometimes lead to some pretty painful situations, like a urinary tract infection. To avoid such a scenario, load up on some cranberry juice. You’ll not only be Wonder Woman in the streets, but a fortified sexy maniac in the sheets. Just watch out for ones high in sugars. You need high Sugar in your bank account, not your diet.

Yogurt Culture

The human body is filled with more than a million strings of bacteria. Some of them are actually good, and help ward off the bad bacteria. Most of our bacteria is found in our gut. Probiotics are the good bacteria, that helps to maintain not only our digestion but aids in our immune system. Did you know, the main source of our immune system is actually located in our intestines? True.

A natural way of maintaining the good bacteria is by eating yogurt. Yogurt is not only beneficial in maintaining weight and heart disease, but also contains live active cultures: the “good bacteria.” Remember to avoid the heavy sugary yogurts (these don’t contain probiotics), and instead opt for simple and plain yogurts. A happy gut, will make sure your SB will never want to leave the warmth of your hut.

Smooth As Coconut Oil

Recently, coconut oil has become quite the health trend, and you’ll understand why. This special oil is not only used for cooking, shaving, moisturizing and hydrating locks, but can be used as an alternative form of lubrication and as a massage oil. It helps to fight off yeast infections, which our common when our immune system is not responsive due to stress, cold, or taking antibiotics.

Coconut oil also supports our liver, which is the main filtering machine in our bodies. Coconut oil is seriously a one-stop-shop. The important rule to keep in mind, when buying coconut oil is to make sure the label states that it’s either extra virgin or virgin unrefined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil won’t carry the same nutritional benefits, and the more the oil is tempered with, the less beneficial it will be. So keep it by your bedside table. It’ll definitely come in handy.

H2O Goddess

Saving the best for last, is water. Yes, this very simple liquid is the most important thing your body needs. Staying well hydrated, especially during the chilly months, is crucial in keeping your health in-check. Our bodies are made up of more than 50% percent of water, which helps to cleanse and flush out our inner system.

During the winter months heaters dry out the air around us and increase the chance to dehydrate. All those festive alcoholic beverages don’t aid in retaining water in our bodies either. All that heat and booze, can make us looking like St. Krampus, and that’s not a cute look for anyone to snuggle up to. So, become the sexy SB goddess that you are, pick up the next best water bottle (check out a couple favs at and drink plenty of water. Your SD/SM will thank you in the most generous way.


Remember, your health is the most important thing that should matter to you. None of the above mentioned are proven cures for any dire illness, but they are well documented remedies that can help maintain, and combat the bad in our bodies. Always seek professional advice from your doctor, and get plenty of rest. Avoid sugaring when you’re physically incapable to interact and engage. Use your best, and sound judgment. Share the love, not the germs.