Should You Get Plastic Surgery?

By Ava Kinsey

Jan 20, 2017

It’s no secret that the common image that pops into most minds when they hear the term “Sugar Baby” is one of a tall, slender and gorgeous girl with full lips, large breasts, an hourglass figure and a beautiful apple bottom. Did I mention flawless skin, without a wrinkle in sight? This image has a lot of Babies that are new to the Bowl asking, “should I get plastic surgery?” Well, should you get plastic surgery?

Do You Want It For You?

I’m a big fan of plastic surgery, injections and not-so-natural enhancements, but before I go under the knife or the needle, I always ask myself, “who am I really doing this for?”

Changing your appearance needs to be something that is done for you and not for anyone else. You deserve to love the skin you are in, and getting enhancements to please someone else won’t bring you any closer to loving your body or yourself.

Make a list of reasons of why you want enhancements. Really dive in to explore what it is about those enhancements that interests you.

Assess if getting an enhancement will bring value to your life, or if you’re doing it to bring value to another’s life. If it’s the latter, don’t get the enhancement.

Can You Afford It?

It would be nice if Daddy would pay for any and all enhancements, but not every Daddy is willing to do so.

Plastic Surgery and injections can build up quite the bill. Not only will you potentially have consultation costs, but you’ll have the cost of the procedure, pain medication (depending on what you have done) and for a lot of surgeries there are items you’ll need for aftercare (such as compression garments).

Another and very important cost to take into consideration is corrective surgery. It’s not entirely uncommon for corrective surgeries to be needed, and they should be an important budget consideration.

Plan to miss work if going under the knife – and probably dates with Daddy, as well. Both of these things can leave you a bit short on cash if you’re not salaried or depending on your arrangement. Can you afford the upkeep? Injections aren’t a one time thing. Most need to be refreshed every 4-6 months. Keep this in mind when budgeting for enhancements.

People Will Make Comments

When I got my breast implants I went from a 32AA to a 32DD bust. I can’t tell you how many people in my life made comments with the most common being “but you didn’t neeeeed them!” While I wanted to combat it with a snarky remark, I’ve always kept my grace and have firmly responded with “necessity was irrelevant, I wanted them so I got them.” I have been able to easily navigate the conversation in a way that turns from people shaming me (because trust me, they’ll try) to people knowing I’m not having it.

If you have an obvious surgery, such as breast enlargement or butt enlargement, men WILL make comments. We’re talking completely random men, yelling from trucks on the street as you’re walking by. It is entirely not your fault and until men learn to stop catcalling women (seriously, it’s gross and needs to stop), it’s something to be aware of.

Most Importantly

Understand that your body deserves to be loved just as much right now as it does with enhancements. No enhancement in the world will teach you to love yourself. They can help you to love parts of yourself, but true love for yourself is something you have to work on every day.

I learned that by loving my body and myself first before any enhancements I was able to love the enhancements even more. They were like adding the cherry to the top of a delicious brownie sundae, rather than adding a cherry to a heaping pile of steaming hot garbage.

You and your body are not a pile of steaming hot garbage. You and your body are powerful, resilient and beautiful. Love and treat it as so.