Show Daddy You Care

By Alexis G

Sep 28, 2016

When you first started dating your Sugar Daddy you did things just for him. You dressed the way he liked, wore his favorite lipstick and remembered to thank him for each gift, whether it was large or small. As your relationship grows and things become a bit more routine it’s easy to forget to show Daddy you care.

In a traditional relationship you might consider getting your significant other a nice gift to express your gratitude, but in a Sugar relationship there probably isn’t a gift out there that your Sugar Daddy doesn’t already own, so you’ll have to get a bit creative to show him you care.

I have compiled a list of free (or nearly free) things you can do to make your Sugar Daddy feel special.

Send him a postcard

Ok, so this one technically costs about a dollar plus postage, but your Sugar Daddy is worth it, right? Find a postcard with a picture that means something to the two of you. Pick one that displays a destination you have visited together, or if he loves dogs find one with an adorable puppy on it. Write a quick message and send it off. Your Daddy will be surprised and happy at this small gesture.

Or, try leaving a sweet note for your Sugar Daddy to discover when you aren’t around. You can use this note to thank him for the last gift he gave, or if you two have a more playful relationship you can write down some of your private jokes. Either way, when your Daddy receives this thoughtful, handwritten note he will know that you care about him.

Keep discretion in mind when leaving notes or sending postcards. Be sure you won’t be putting your Daddy in an awkward situation.

Fun or thought provoking emails

This is the perfect tactic for the Sugar couple that shares jokes often. Although you may not be able to tag Daddy in hilarious Instagram memes you can still share a laugh by sending them to him in an email. Although many Sugar Daddies are not as active on social media as we are, they all still enjoy a good laugh.

If your Daddy isn’t the internet joke type try sharing some articles on topics you find interesting and ask his opinion on the topic. He will feel flattered that you thought about him during your day and he will likely be thrilled to share his opinion.

Make a playlist

This is a classic move to show someone you care about them. You can make a playlist full of the music he likes or you can invite them into your world by curating a list of your favorites.

Selfie time

A picture is worth a thousand words. Put your cell phone camera to good use and take some nice photos for your Sugar Daddy. Get creative: take pictures in different outfits and locations and send them randomly to your Sugar Daddy. Sending some that are a little bit sexy won’t hurt either.

Remember, men are visual beings so there really is no such things as sending too many photos.

How do you show Daddy you care?