Simple Valentines Ideas For You And Daddy

By Julia Jones

Feb 14, 2019

Well, with Valentine’s day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about it, right? Some people don’t like the holiday, others do. The fact is, it’s not up to me to tell you where you should stand on it. If you like it, you like it and if you don’t then that’s okay as well- but even if you don’t like Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean you can have a little bit of fun celebrating it. After all, why not use the excuse to have a little bit of fun with daddy? And, you know, wait until the day after so you can go buy all that discounted chocolate! But really, that is just being money conscious, right?


Plan a nice dinner either at somewhere special or at home for you and daddy. Personally, I suggest doing it at home if you two are able to- it’s much more intimate and it means that daddy can just come home after work and not have to worry about going back out afterward.

Make a meal special for the two of you. Something you both love or something you haven’t tried yet. Even if it stays out of the bedroom, food can still be sexy.

Some sexy fun time

I mean, we all know there are going to be some amazing valentines sales before the day of, so why not take advantage of them to get yourself something sexy that daddy is going to either love seeing you in or using on you?

And really, a girl can never have too much lingerie or too many sex toys- in my opinion at least.

Spend Valentine’s day in with daddy, just the two of you- and ideally naked and sweaty.

Sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste inspired gifts

This is a really fun kind of gift to give your man! Five small gifts, all slightly connected and each one is based around one of the five senses. It’s an awesome way to give daddy a few gifts and still keep your budget reasonable since Valentine’s day isn’t a big holiday, it’s not something that we all want to spend a lot of money on.

Gifts can include something a little naughty, it can include a snack, a movie, a CD for the two of you to listen to, and really just about anything depending on what daddy likes and that is one of the best things about this type of gift, it allows you to explore Daddy’s hobbies or create stuff for you two to do together.

Be corny

Have you ever seen a box that says “sorry I’m cheesy” and is filled with cheese related products? Or that jar of gummy fish that has a note attached to it saying “I’m hooked on you”? A watch with the note saying “Times flies when I’m with you”, and so on and so forth. There are a lot of awesome ways that you can be corny and let’s face it, a sense of humor is always awesome, right? So let yours out by finding a fun little gift to give to daddy with the perfect pun attached. And this includes cute cards as well!

Do absolutely nothing

If you are like most of the people I know, you’re busy and so is Daddy, so why don’t the two of you skip the night out and the exciting stuff? Just relax, turn on the tv or keep it quiet and focus on your time together. Talk, catch up on everything even things you didn’t realize you needed to catch up on. Talk about your goals, your plans for the next few months and everything else you can think of.