Single and Sugaring

By Bria Lea

Oct 04, 2017

Being single, the world is your shmorgousboard. There are so many fish in the sea and it’s awesome because you’re not tied down. You have freedom and can date whoever you want. It allows more of an openness to sugaring and meeting new guys. When it comes to not being in a committed relationship with someone, be the love you seek. Whether you are looking for a Sugar Daddy, committed relationship, or just a friend, you can use dating apps to meet new people and become experienced in the overall aspect of dating and being single.

From Single to Sugar

What exactly do you look for when it comes to Sugaring or being in a committed relationship? Sometimes, it can be as simple as finding someone who is understanding, or getting trips around the world. Maybe financial support and shopping sprees are your motivation. When you are single, you can figure out what you enjoy and are passionate about. You never know. So keeping your options open and waiting for the right kind of person to be in your life is important rather than just settling and not being satisfied.  

You shouldn’t have to change yourself for anyone to be in relationship. I think that when you’re single, you learn the power of saying no. When a guy just wants you for sex and doesn’t return anything you have the power to dismiss him. When dating yourself, you begin to attract the right kind of relationship or Sugar Daddy into your life. You learn the power of saying no and not to be taken advantage. Remain single until you find what you’ve been looking for.

Keep Your Options Open

You then can take your time and realize what you really like and don’t like in a guy or when it comes to Sugaring. Let’s say you flip through Tinder and you see a couple of guys message you.  You have many options but you don’t necessarily want all of them and remain picky. Being picky is a good thing and it’s important to having an open mind when dating.

Raise Your Standards

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you are being disrespected or belittled when sugaring, then get over it and move on towards something that is empowering and bettering. You can raise your standards after learning frim experiences and becoming wiser in sugaring.  

Be Independent

You then begin to focus more on other aspects in your life such as school, career, new hobbies, or family and friends. You become more self sufficient and independent when dating yourself.  

Prioritize yourself and wait for someone who fulfills your wants and needs  
Allow yourself to become more open minded towards finding your passions and purpose in life when being single. You then can figure out what it truly means to love and begin to attract the type of relationship or sugaring that you want.  

Know Your Worth

Remain independent and self sufficient. Dating yourself brings the awareness of what you capable of and how you can become successful without desperation of a man in your life to help support you. It is great and really helpful when you have someone that is supportive and caring, but being single, you come to be stronger  in the power of saying no.