Six ways to Keep Your Hair Beautiful this Summer

By Aurora

Sep 08, 2018

It has been said that a woman’s hair is her glory. Based on that logic it is paramount we keep it healthy and beautiful. Moreover, most sugar daddies like it when we look our best and it is nice to please the ones that make us happy (and give us an allowance lol!) Therefore, this summer we must ensure the heat does not damage our hair. Below are tips about maintaining our glory.

Invest in a Conditioner with SPF

Most of us know by now that UV rays damage skin but they also hinder our hair’s health. They deplete our hair of it’s moisture making it dry and susceptible to becoming brittle and splitting. Applying a conditioner with SPF of 30 and higher restores moisture to hair and blocks a decent amount of UV rays from affecting it. You will need one that can be reapplied during the day and if you are often out and about you can also buy a travel sized one. Hair is one of the first parts of our bodies that UV rays come into contact with so ensure you protect yours well.

Stay Well Nourished

To balance out the negative effects of the heat and dryness or humidity depending on where you are ensure you give your hair the best chance of being healthy. You can achieve this by watching what you eat. Instead of indulging in fatty and sugary foods you include in season produce into your diet as it is full of nutrients that are good for your hair. For example, vitamin B12 can prevent you hair from falling out. Healthy hair is less likely to suffer this season so look after it well.


The heat and humidity this season can make our hair become sweaty and even smelly but it is not advisable to increase the amount of times you shampoo it. Instead you can wash it with a conditioner. This will prevent it from drying out while giving you the opportunity to rinse it and your scalp and keep them clean. Co-washing is a popular trick that many women have used to keep their hair healthy and clean so why not try it too?

Style Your Hair with Care

It is tempting to drastically change your hairstyle and colour etc in honour of new seasons but it is wise to choose one that keeps your hair intact until the next one. Bleaching your hair or styling it excessively with heat is a sure way to encourage hair damage and hair loss. The weather and atmosphere during the summer is enough to cause hair to struggle to thrive you don’t want to disadvantage it any further. Also, wearing wigs and weaves can prevent your hair from being able to breathe and make washing and drying  it difficult. This in turn could lead to fungi growing on your scalp and other issues. Hairstyles on natural hair are advisable.


If you swim at the beach or go to a swimming pool you will need to ensure the chemicals and salt that come into contact with your hair are washed out faster than they were put in. This is because they dry out hair; damage it and can even make it change colour. What you need to salvage your hair is a clarifying shampoo. They are much more effective than regular shampoos for ridding hair of salt and chemicals.


To make your hair healthier and stronger after you have been out in the sun all day you can try overnight treatments. There are various products for this so choose your favourite one that is tailored to your hair type and texture. Your hair should be revived in the morning you awake, which in turn will hep it stay healthy throughout the day.

There is no excuse for having straw like dry and brittle hair this season. You can continue to look gorgeous even in the heat. Follow the advice in this blog post and your hair will surely thank you lol!